Top 100 of 2012: 8 – BioShock Vita

The second highest placed Vita game in our list (there’s a clue) is probably the one we know least about. Ken Levine announced at Sony’s E3 conference in 2011 that there will be a BioShock game made for the PlayStation Vita. It’s a completely original game, rather than a remake but aside from that, we don’t know anything else about it. We’re not even sure that it will make a 2012 release date but it has been accepted by one or two well respected sources that it will so we included it in our vote.

Remarkable then, that it managed to be so greatly anticipated by so many members of staff here at TheSixthAxis. It is perhaps a testament to the fantastic atmosphere that Irrational Games has managed to capture in BioShock and BioShock 2, coupled with the increased hype around the franchise thanks to its third instalment – BioShock Infinite – also being due in 2012.


For many, from the very first moments spent in Rapture, BioShock has held a very special place in their hearts. The iconic dystopian setting may owe most of its themes to literary figures like Ayn Rand and George Orwell but the BioShock series has managed to iterate on those themes and provide a wonderful kind of steam punk aesthetic that has obviously struck a chord with many.

BioShock Infinite is set away from Rapture but appears to maintain many similar themes and ideas that were introduced in the first two BioShock games. Infinite is a prequel so it will serve as an interesting example of how comfortable Irrational Games are stepping away form the tried and tested game world and characters of Rapture and hopefully we’ll get an idea of what to expect in the PlayStation Vita game.

In short, though, we don’t really know what to expect but with Irrational Games behind it and that wonderful atmospheric setting, it’s sure to be a very worthy addition to the Vita’s ever-expanding library of games.



  1. Sounds interesting, hinges on me being able to afford a vita or not though. Infinite however, is pretty certainly a must buy..

  2. would like to buy a vita – mostly for uncharted :D. But as the Bioshock series i just couldn’t get into them – il admit i only played the demo of the first. Thats when my mind was made up :/

  3. I’d definitely like to try this one day but my interest in a Vita is a lot less certain.

  4. I played the first and thoroughly enjoyed the ending, other than that, I think “meh” was my overall impression. I played the second one though I’m not sure why, I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it and I was right. For those reasons, I’m out.

  5. Never played a bioshock…will do soon though :-)

  6. Wow, nobody knows anything about this game and it really is testament to the power of the franchise how high this is up on the list

  7. A Vita BioShock game ahead of Mass Effect? Lost all faith in this list :/

    • Me too, to be honest. I love Bioshock, and a console one ahead I wouldn’t personally agree with but could see why, but this kinda takes away a lot of credibility.

      • Bioshock Vita is potentially another one of the core games (incl. Uncharted and Resistance) that could make Vita a must-have for me.. but if there was a Mass Effect Vita game… oh wow.. *drools*..

    • Because Bioshock is twice as good as Mass Effect.
      Mass Effect = great story, average game.
      Bioshock = great story, great gameplay. Therefore, it’s better.

      I have to say that this is the first I’ve heard of Bioshock Vita coming in 2012. I thought they hadn’t even started it yet?

      • Couldn’t agree more. Personally I could care less for the Mass Effect series, but I would rate any Bioshock game, portable or not, above a ME game.

      • In your opinion, Colm?

      • FACT! :P

      • Fair enough :P
        I enjoyed Bioshock but I prefer the Mass Effect universe, it just speaks to me, which is why on my personal list it would be ahead :)

    • Agreed. I was wondering why ME3 was so far down, but this is just silly.

    • Just wait till ME3 comes out i guess lol

  8. Love everything Bioshock related (not Bioshock 2 though) so would probably buy a Vita for this game. Have full faith in Levine and the gang to bring something truly superb to the littlebigscreen.

  9. What intrigues me is that it’s by Irrational and not some B-studio.

  10. they could literally stick the bioshock sign on a turd and i would buy it, love the series love the book love collecting anything bioshock related. Think i might be looking forward to this more than infinite roll on more rapture!

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