Digital Download Of Everybody’s Golf 6 Comes With Online Pass

[drop2]Destructoid is reporting that Everybody’s Golf 6 on the PS Vita requires an online pass for the multiplayer section. This is true, it does, and the retail copy (bought from a shop) comes with a code in the box to allow this.

What the report also says is that the PSN download doesn’t include the online pass, which is available for 900 Yen from the store (and then makes a point of comparing the price of the two versions).


This, though, isn’t true – Everybody’s Golf 6, when bought from the PSN Store (at a discounted rate) actually includes the online pass functionality. It’s there in the Store for those that buy the retail version second hand – like every single other online pass game this year.

In fact, the PSN Store description and the game’s update page says this much – the online pass is NOT required if you buy the game digitally.  In fact, if you actually buy the game online (as I did this morning) the PSN Store tells you that the online pass is already activated.

But, hey, there you go.



  1. EG! Is it good?

    • Downloading…

      • How big are Vita games off the store anyway?
        I’m trying to figure out how many I could fit onto a 16gb…

      • Between 1gb and 4gb.

      • Thanks for that.
        Looks like I’m buying the 16gb for sure, with a 32gb later down the line…

  2. liking the sound of this! Cant wait to get my hands on this little gem


    @destructoid DL version of Hot Shots Golf also includes online play ticket, no need to buy a separate voucher to play online.


  4. Eh, were all human. W/e :P

  5. As expected. Even I can’t imagine the company suits being stupid enough not to include the pass with the download version. The bad press would be massive.

    • Would have been pretty funny reading the backlash on the Nernst though.

      • On the Internet is what I meant to type lol

      • I like Nernst (new MEME) ;)

    • bladesteel, you really don’t know this industry do you. o_O

      seriously though, never underestimate the idiocy some of these publishers are capable of.

      cough, Ubisoft, cough. >_>

      • Oh I can imagine them wanting to, and thinking it would be “fair” and that it’s a shame all that “consumer biased media” are ruining their business by making their customers imagine that they have rights.

        I should just have included the word “Yet” in that post.

  6. i guess the online pass on the card versions means in a multiuser household only one user gets to play online.

    i know some psp games have the passes too, but psp games didn’t use your psn account did they?
    so each player could in effect have their own account when playing online because the accounts were handled by the game separately from your psn id.

    at least i think that’s how it worked.

    i just had a thought, what about ad hoc games?
    will ad hoc party work with the vita?

  7. Well that’s good, although if the incorrect news was true, I’m sure it would be a mistake. No company would sell a downloaded game without the online pass. That would be impossibly stupid.

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