Forbes: Sony In “Big Trouble” With PS Vita

Tero Kuittinen, Contributor over at Forbes, says Sony is in “big trouble” with the PlayStation Vita.

“The second week brought devastation,” says Kuittinen, citing recent Vita sales tracking that showed the machine shifted just 72,000 units.


“When Nintendo launched its latest handheld, the sales of the 3DS declined from 370 K to 210K over the first two weeks. That drop-off led to a steep further sales erosion, which forced Nintendo to implement an unusually early and steep price cut.”

The price cut helped Nintendo considerably, alongside some key titles like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter.  Kuittinen says sales of the 3DS “crushed” Vita.

He then says that Sony will likely “be forced to cut the price of PS Vita” very soon, and suggests the US launched could be a “true debacle”.  Reasons?  A high price ($250) – higher than the rather uncomparable Amazon Kindle Fire.

Game prices are also “delusional” and the article says that tablet and iPhone market penetration is much higher in America than Japan.

“PS Vita could mark the end of the era of portable game consoles,” he argues.  I’d argue it’s still far too early to say either way, but Sony do need to ensure they aren’t ignoring what has made the surge in mobile gaming so popular of late.

The Vita launches here on February 22nd, you can read what I think of it here.

Source: Forbes.



  1. If i remember correct is this still not more than the original PSP? Look how that turned out for the Japanese top selling console for ages then we still have the introduction to the other major markets. Its still too early to mark the end of Portable gaming consoles I dont know what this fellow is thinking not to mention im sure the kindle fire is selling terribly because its just another ipad attempt(as much as everyone denies it)

  2. Good to hear for me, I’m seriously hoping Sony have to slash prices!

  3. Come know the iphones are priced at almost £300+ if their not on contract and the majority of games for mobile phones are pathetic at best

  4. I paid £700 for my unlocked 64gb iphone 4s so in that context the vita is a frikkin bargain. And you know what I regret it – oh so much. As I only play Dungeon Raid and Infinity Blade. 5 mins at a time… ah well at least it’s stuffed full of mp3’s.

  5. been out 5 mins this stuff is doing more damage imo.

  6. Remember PS2?
    This isn’t the first time Forbes have declared a Sony console beaten soon after launch…

  7. Listen none of this is going to matter on Dec 21 2012! :P

  8. It’s simple people just aren’t willing to pay 200 to 300 dollars for handhelds anymore especially if they can get a whole console for 200 or less in some places. I said I’d get my id one for his birthday but hats not until August so I’m in no rush and have plenty of time to put coin away for it. Most people probably feel the same way I do they are in no rush. As far as the DS to each his own but I have no plans for buying it whether its cheaper or not. Other than Mario and a few others it just packs no punch for me with its very limited selection of good games. Uncharted is almost enough to buy the Vita for alone.

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