Rumour: On-Disc DLC For Revelations Outed?

Caution: This article and the embedded video both contain spoilers for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and direct sequel, Revelations.

Tucked away in the PC version of Ubisoft’s latest historic stealth ’em up gamers have located a number of audio files which could relate to future DLC. These files include exchanges between Subject 16 during his time as an Abstergo employee and Desmond’s father, William Miles, also giving us an insight into the mind of Templar scientist, Warren Vidic. Here’s a video put together by YouTube user Lo Ping containing over fifteen minutes of audio.


Another character referenced throughout is Lucy Stillman. After becoming a possible love interest she is killed by Desmond at the end of Brotherhood through Minerva’s manipulation. Her death was never really explained, though it could be the centre focus of this supposed downloadable expansion, outlining her infiltration of Abstergo and possible defection to the Templars, a legitimate reason for Minerva wanting her dead.



  1. Wouldn’t put it past Ubi to have done this, they’re totally milking the AC franchise, which sadly, is one of my favourite. I really hope they don’t milk it to death, but it looks as if they are already doing so.

    • I agree, I love the AC series but you have to think with a game coming out ever year it’s going to get repetitive very quickly.

  2. Sweet!!!! Lets hope there’s something solid from this – More answered questions Yayyyyyyyyy! :D

  3. It’s just a little frustrating that there’s no governing body for video game developers and publishers that can prevent this from happening or punish those that do it. I love dlc when done properly and I’m more than happy to pay for good dlc that has taken man hours to develop after the game hits the shelves. But to charge me more for something that’s already on the disc that I’ve already paid for is a total piss take.

  4. Oh ffs Ubi! Don’t start pulling the same crap that Capcom sometimes do. If it’s on the disc, then it should not be locked unless there is a legimate problem with it and it is too late to remove. I refuse to pay for something that is already on the bleeding disc.

    I hope Ubi will slow down with AC as it’s starting to stray into milking terrority. :S

    • Fairly certain AC3 will be out November next year so that it coincides with the end of Desmond’s story in 2012.

  5. There’s clearly meant to be more of those Desmond memories aswell, there’s five missions and seven sets of pillars. Yes, the extra two are broken but if you go back after you complete the game, they’re fixed. Almost seems like they were meant to be there and hastily cut…

  6. Stop Assassins creed please unless they have a truly interesting loaction for the next. It got boring for me about half way through AC2 its all very samey.

    • Me too, adding new gadgets wasn’t interesting enough. Personally I wanted each game to be in a different place. It would have added real variety, but too much work I guess. It would have been great, Middle east, then italy, then egypt, then india, china, africa, victorian england, vikings, there’s so much scope. I just think it’s such a shame that Ubisoft didn’t have the same idea as me.

      • I really like the Victorian England idea if the next one was set then i would buy it in a heartbeat.

      • I think they know they should have moved to other locations already but are a bunch of cheap bastards who intend to milk poor Desmond/Ezio until their teats are empty ;)

        I imagine shifting to a new setting would cost a lot more so I think they will save it for Assassins Creed 3, which will hopefully be what they do next.

      • feature creep could kill this series.
        they already added a tower defence game.
        not a very good one by all accounts.

        who buys assassin’s creed to play a tower defence game?

        if ubi wanted a tower defence game with an AC setting, then make one with controls that work for a tower defence game, don’t tack one on as some new feature to justify calling it a new game.

      • Definitely, after enjoying the 1st I never saw the 2nd one let alone any further more of them through to the end because of this sort of thing. Too much padding and too little refinement and improvement for me. Couldn’t give a toss about shop ownership, races, and tower defence etc, just refine the free runnning so it works properly and streamline the combat controls please. Concentrate on the core experience please Ubi not on dilluting that down with guffy half baked ideas.

  7. Is this series still going……..yawn

  8. Haters gonnna hate

    “Another character referenced throughout is Lucy Stillman. After becoming a possible love interest she is killed by Desmond at the end of Brotherhood through Minerva’s manipulation.”

    It wasn’t Minerva. It was Juno… Dunno why so many people can’t understand that.

  9. they found a few audio files and this gets turned into in disc dlc how exactly?

    • Exactly… Cut content remaining on disc’s happens more often than people know. Just take a look at KOTOR 1&2… Deadlines cause this, so what’s wrong on having it as DLC afterwards?

    • because that’s what it invariably turns out to be these days.

      maybe back when KOTOR came out it would probably have been leftover or unfinished content, but these days, 99 times out of a hundred it’ll be on disc dlc.

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