Top 100 of 2012: 5 – Starhawk

Warhawk is probably the best experience I’ve had of a competitive online multiplayer console game. It managed to avoid the insta-death tedium that traditional shooters descend into while still maintaining that distinction between skilled players and newcomers. The mixture of weaponry, vehicles and game types made for an experience that was frequently tense and interesting and always fun.

So Starhawk is hotly anticipated, not just by me and the rest of the staff here but by the legions of Warhawk fans who still play that game on a daily basis.


Starhawk is billed as a “spiritual sequel” to Warhawk. The same third person action, vehicular mayhem and wide range of weaponry will form its core but there some key differences too. Primarily, there is now a single player campaign mode. The premise focusses on the conflict around a distant human colony called “The Frontier” in the far future. Not much is known of this single player mode yet but it’s safe to assume that it will act as a kind of training ground for the multiplayer side – which we assume will still form the bulk of the game.

As with many good sci-fi adventures, you’re fighting over energy resources. In this instance the resource is called Rift energy and its potency has turned all the former miners into mutated, crazed, zealous protectors called Outcasts. You will follow the story of Emmet Graves who has been corrupted by his enemy and shunned by his community.

Graves takes on the life of a gunslinger in this Wild West-styled vision of the far future. It’s worth noting that Lightbox Interactive has been keen to point out that they want Emmet to stand out from the usual action hero tropes. He will have internal conflict, caused by his exposure to the mutilating rift energy and be in constant pain thanks to his spinal implants which limit the spread of the mutilation.

It is safe to assume that this rift energy plays a large role in the big new gameplay mechanic: base building. Players can now build and expand bases in a similar way to a Real Time Strategy game. This will be a vital mechanic in making good team-based progress in the multiplayer modes and we expect the most successful players will be those who learn to utilise base building to its fullest extent.

Starhawk is currently in the beta stages of testing and the developers are very proactive in encouraging feedback, not only from beta testers but from fans of Warhawk. Lightbox Interactive regularly request ideas for improvements on Warhawk’s gameplay via their Facebook page and that data is all going towards making Starhawk the best game it can be.

There’s no firm release date as yet but 2012 is assured and some rumours are suggesting summer as a probable release window. Whenever it finally appears, Starhawk and its 32 player multiplayer battles are going to be a big draw for us and, we think, for you too.

Oh, and we didn’t even mention the Warhawks that transform into Mechs…



  1. Desperately want this…

  2. Never played the last one. This looks immense though.

  3. it looks like a good game, but given my policy towards online passes, this being a sony title is likely to have one, i can’t see me playing it for some time.

    mind you, i didn’t really get into Warhawk as much as i expected, so i’m not too distressed at not playing the multiplayer mode.

  4. Have never playeed warhawk but there is something about this one that i like the look of. May wait for the reviews and gamer opinions first

  5. I was overjoyed when I received a beta code for this. Overall it’s a good game, but its heavily team based especially with capture the flag. I found myself getting frustrated at the beginning of the game when everyone would build a garage and bugger off; leaving me to build the defences one my tod and ultimately failing. Also the mele needs a bit of work, at the moment it seems to lock on when you press R3, so your character will literally follow his target until there dead, which means close quarter fighting turns into a game of who can hit R3 first.

    The rest of the game is great though, you don’t just get rewarded for the kill but for building barracks and defences which gives a chance for players of all kinds to finish near the top of the leader boards. Hopefully we’ll see some tanks before the beta is over.

  6. when Jaffe took away 4 player split screen this game died more than a little bit for me…*sniff*

    warhawk, 4player split screen, online, on the same team. unmatched fun.

  7. I never had warhawk but I had the online trial + my friend had a copy round his place…
    One of the most fun games ive ever played, probably second to halo 3’s co-op / custom maps. The best part of warhawk for me was when I got people to get into my car, and I’d drive into the river, getting out slightly before, leaving the other person to die hahaha…i’m sorry if its happened to anyone here, but its so much fun I broke down into tears of laughter from just the thought of planning to do it ages ago.

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