Rumour: Wii U To Have E-Reader Service

The increasing popularity of E-readers could have an impact on Nintendo’s next gen console, if a Nintendo insider is to be believed.

A source working for Nintendo claims that the company is planning to launch a digital E-reader type service where you can download books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and other publications to your Wii U console – which would be viewable on the controller’s touchscreen.

The insider has also suggested that the e-reader will also be available on the 3DS and that Nintendo want the Wii U and the 3DS to share services in the same way that the iPad/iPhone share applications.

Interestingly, Nintendo has also talked about making electronic versions of their old official strategy guides free to gamers through the service. Ninty have apparently discussed the possibility of manuals for Virtual Console titles being viewable on the Wii U controller, as well.

Source: Forgetthebox



  1. That’s a good idea with the old manuals, but as far as I know the controller needs the console to do stuff (like connecting to the internet), which means that if you want to read something on it you have to have the console itself on as well. And you can’t move out of the streaming range of the console. That’s a major downside to it.

    • Very good point. Still cool if you want to sit and read while someone else watches tv. Although personally I’d rather have a PS3 and a kindle, or y’know, a book.

  2. I used to have one when i hacked my PSP for homebrew. I wonder if the Vita will have a similar app, seems possible at least.

  3. Excellent idea.
    It’s good to see Nintendo are embracing other forms of media than games- it does enhance the value of the console.
    And e-reading is probably the biggest use I get from my iPad (after the browser, but that’s surely a given on Wii U, right?).

  4. To me, this is just another gimmick on a device that will surely fail. From what I’ve heard, if you get the PSVita it’ll be able to do all the stuff that the new Wii U remote can do (yes not now, but soon enough I’m sure). The graphics and overall computer power isn’t much better than today’s consoles and the fact that it’ll cost around £200+ just seems ridiculous for what you get.

    I think people should just wait for the PS4, Xbox 720 (or what ever it’ll be called) or buy the cheaper and probably just as good current consoles….. and buy a kindle.

  5. Sweet, sounds good. Ideally I would like to play a game on my tv while having the guide open on my controller. Would be really handy and I wouldn’t get evil glances from the Mrs for taking up the TV and PC at the same time :D

  6. Nice. Although I wouldn’t be into books and maybe magazines, id be interested in graphic novels, comics and manuals :D.

  7. The wii U’s going to need a lot more than this not to bomb spectacularly in my opinion. I just can’t see it’s selling angle at the moment.

  8. I read about Nintendo thinking about an App Store kind of thing for the tablet controller. I can’t see Nintendo getting all the publishers in the boat. It’s too much of a hassle. A Kindle app on the other hand would sound feasible. Digital game guides on the controller would be pretty neat, though.

  9. Wii U is going be forgotten at E3 2012

  10. I think I’ll stick to the likely more portable option of my iPad. Besides, that Nintendo font drives me nuts and I can imagine any books they sell will cost a lot more than Kindle books (if they even publish non-Nintendo press ones).

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