Sunday Thoughts: Why The Vita Does Appeal To Me

For me, the PlayStation Vita represents everything I’m currently looking for in a mobile device: console-style games, innovative new features and a focus on the social aspects of gaming without any particular sacrifice. The fact that I’ve already bought one means I’m already over the price of the console (apart from having to pay off the loan, of course) and I’ve sampled five or six of the machine’s top games, so I know what it’s capable of.

It is, in short, utterly brilliant. I’ve been a strong believer of iOS gaming for a while, publicly so, but for one reason or another I’ve found myself becoming disenchanted with iPhone games and have moved back to the 3DS and – more recently – the Vita. Of course, if I’ve only got five minutes to kill chances are I’ll fire up Jetpack Joyride and have a quick blast, but anything more and I’m more likely to want to spend it with Mario Kart 7 or Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

[drop]I think both Nintendo and Sony have learnt a lot of late, making mobile gaming titles better suited for the time that players might have available. With the former, their latest flagship Mario Land game neatly divides levels up into short bursts of platforming class, and with Sony they’ve had a proper focus on similar methodologies – not least because the Vita’s UI means you can pause a game and do something else without any fuss.

The new Uncharted is paced similar to a console title, but most levels are merely ten or fifteen minutes long, meaning a game saving checkpoint should easily fit within your commute. Likewise, some of the more download-orientated titles like Escape Plan are specially designed to be easily stopped and started, and obviously some of the system’s best games, like the wonderful Virtua Tennis 4, can not only be played for five minutes in Arcade Mode but walk all over anything similar on iOS.

The truth is, that if you’re looking for console-quality games on the move, the Vita is a dream come true. And even if you’re like me and would rather play on a handheld whilst something else is on the TV other than a videogame, the same applies – apart from a slightly dumb pair of wrists from holding the Vita up in front of me for extended periods of time, I’ve had no problems with the likes of Everybody’s Golf – a title that’s easily the equal of the most recent PS3 game, if not better.

I’m not saying I’ll never play iPhone games again, I still love the thing and some of the games are outstanding, but for a complete PS3 or Xbox 360 style experience, you simply can’t beat what the Vita is offering.



  1. You guys must be so rich off Sony paying you to say nice things about the Vita, AND Microsoft paying you to say bad things about the Vita… ;-)

    Can’t wait for launch on this beastie, personally. Bring on 22/02/12

    • I think that was the best claim I read in the article’s comments- Microsoft paying people to talk crap about something which they aren’t even competing with.

  2. What?

    This doesn’t fit in with my pre-conceived notion that you’re all against the Vita.

    You have ruined my agenda.

    As always, think it’s a fantastic console for core gamers I want one but it’s a pricey for how much I can justify.

    Would like to see Sony widen the appeal to new demographics (for them) but that will no doubt come in the future once their core fans are already on board.

    • I dunno. I mean would this article of even been written if it weren’t for that particular comment ;)

  3. I just don’t know who to trust now.

    • I have no opinions of my own so I fill my blankness with others….who to pass of as my own!

  4. I see the cheque from Microsoft bounced. ;-)

  5. Really want a PS Vita!

  6. I’m quite excited to get one!

    • When I get a Vita can I have a blue banner like you? Matches my nice new earphones……

      ……and Playstations new colour scheme!

  7. I wonder how the trolls will spin this one ;) Another great read as usual, now if only I had the money to buy a Vita :/

  8. Not sure I’ll pick one up on release date, but certainly looking forward to getting one in the future.

  9. Can;t wait to get mine on the 15th! Hopefully wither the Vita store will be live by then, or some shops will be selling certain games early, otherwise I won’t have anything to play on it for a week :P

  10. I’ve been good and saved a fair bit of money for my Vita when it comes out. Looking forward to finally get a hold of my own device and playing on one last year has only made me want it more.

    The price is high but smaller size for simlar power always did mean more money. The lack of a 32GB card is still a sore point for people like me willing to spent the money on getting a card that big.

    I think the Vita is an amazing device but with the PS4 seemingly to be announced shortly, I fear it may not get the attention it deserves and it will suffer because of this. Just hope Sony have learnt there lessons from the PSP and they continue to support the Vita as the next gen excitement begins to ramp up.

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