Twisted Metal Gets Confirmed UK Release

PS3 exclusive vehicle smash-’em-up Twisted Metal has been given a UK release date of 17th February, Sony has confirmed.

In addition, buyers of the new game will receive a voucher to download the previous Twisted Metal outing – Twisted Metal Black – for free, with early copies of the game.


Playstation Vita, Soul Calibur V, Catherine, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, SSX, The Darkness II and now Twisted Metal: how will any self-respecting gamer’s wallet cope with February at this rate?

Source: MCV



  1. Ah man! I thought I was just about to catch up with all my gaming back catolgue with the “empty” first quarter of 2012. Goddamit!

  2. Don’t forget the Jak and Daxter collection!

  3. Its going to be tricky next month to show self-control and keep my pennies aside ready for the Wii-U lol.

  4. Ah good, not too far away then.

  5. It’s a shame, but February is all about the Vita for me. Still undecided on launch titles as there are so many. Proper first world problems :oD

  6. TM pre-ordered!

  7. Is it like Warhawk?

  8. Wii U and Vita don’t interest me. Really interested in this and Catherine though. Going to be difficult to justify buying them though because with ps+ and a massive backlog building up I’ve got far too much anyway.

  9. For some reason this game REALLY appeals to me? Will it be a PSN title aswell as disc? Only Starhawk after this for me.

  10. February should be a fairly cheap month for me then. Only FFXIII-2 for me from that list. :D

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