Avengers Alliance Coming To Facebook

Disney Interactive has cut back on console development in the past year; both Black Rock Studio (Split/Second) and Propaganda Games (Tron: Evolution) faced closure as the publisher decided to forge a new, risk-free direction.

Instead of backing gamer-centric IPs, Disney has been playing it safe with titles such as Cars 2 and Disney Universe. Despite some of us still being hacked off at the cancellation of Propaganda’s promising Pirates RPG we can’t exactly blame them; both Cars 2 and Disney Universe scored relatively well and probably sold better than the publisher’s 2010/11 output.


Keeping it’s cards close to its chest the firm has recently announced a Facebook gaming app centred around the Marvel Universe. Avengers Alliance is currently being developed by Playdom and is expected to launch in the next few months. If the announcement screens are anything to go by, Alliance will be a turned based RPG, with players collecting and battling teams of super heroes and villains in what looks to be a Marvel/Pokemon hybrid.

A resource titled “ISO-8” will also be available, though its purpose and effect have yet to be disclosed. However, if the countless hordes of social games in circulation are anything to go by, ISO-8 is a premium item that will enhance or quicken player performance.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Lame. When I read the header I was hoping for a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance type game for the upcoming Avengers movie. A facebook app! How is that even a game?

  2. I find this a worrying trend. Too many games companies are culling developing houses working on interesting projects (im still saw after the Pirates game got canned) to work on viral facebook games. Less risk but no interest from me.

  3. nice artwork and all, as you’d expect from Marvel, but nothing about how it plays.

    i’m interested, but i’ll wait and see if it’s enough to get me excited about it.

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