Razer Reveals Gaming Tablet

Razer has revealed a new tablet designed specifically for gaming. Powered by an Intel Core i7, it’ll also feature a multi-touch screen, as well as accelerometers and force feedback.

More unusual though are the two analog sticks stuck to the side! Expect it to ship by the end of the year. Take a look at the trailer below.

Source: Razer



  1. It looks hideous and i get the impression the controllers will get stuck on something and break off.

  2. erm, how are you meant to press the buttons with two thumbs on the sticks?

    • Erm…
      Have you played PS3/ 360/ any dual-stick controlled machine?
      Same principle here, just moving your thumb down instead of up.

      • which is why they have buttons above the stick, and not below. Different design and better suited for gaming because its very awkward having them below the stick, because your thumb is less flexible moving directly down than up.

      • But if your hand is level with the buttons, the thumb only has to move up for the stick, and it’s level with the buttons.

        I presume that’s their intention too, seeing as there’s a lot of empty space on the controller part.

  3. Oh wait, that was Terraria. Now I’m interested. You can’t play Terraria with a controller, anything ranged requires mouse controls and so does mining. I wonder how that works. Also, that’s not enough buttons for AC Revelations.

  4. Razer provide overprice, underpowered albeit decent ideas. This won’t go far.

  5. If anyone buys this over a vita, they can no longer complain about size and carrying more than one device without being the biggest hypocrite of the year.

  6. Jesus christ, that looks fugly!

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