Razer is shutting down its game store at the end of February

Ten months. That’s how long Razer lasted in the digital game selling business. Having opened the store back in April 2018, they’ve now decided to shut it down as part of the company’s “realignment plans”. It’s final day of business will be 28th February, where it will stop doing anything remotely useful at 9AM UK time.

It’s not terribly surprising when you consider that the store stood on the shoulders of giants, selling keys for Uplay and Steam instead of competing with them as the Epic Game store has done. This means that the closure won’t have much impact for buyers – Razer will honour their pre-orders and any games you’ve bought will still work via Uplay and Steam.


Honestly, the fact that they were just a key reseller was an odd play for the hardware manufacturer. While there’s a strong sense of brand loyalty for peripherals like gaming mice and keyboards, that wouldn’t really affect buying choices for digital games, where it’s Steam and Uplay that get to enjoy the lock in and customers will simply be searching for a good deal.

Source: Razer, via Engadget

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