Razer Have Announced A Router For All Your WiFi Gaming Needs

It’s a universally accepted truth that running an ethernet cable from your console to your router is the solution to an awful lot of gaming woes. From low download speeds to hitches mid-multiplayer match and infamous NAT type errors, you can point a finger at overly busy airwaves in flats, cheap ISP provided routers, even the WiFI chipsets in your PC or games console. But running a cable isn’t always possible, and that’s where the Razer Sila wants to step in.

Razer are best known for mice, keyboards and controllers, often with fancy lighting effects, but the Razer Sila is all about the WiFi that you can’t see. It’s geared toward gaming, using their FasTrack software to manage the flow of data and ensure that PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles can get a steady connection to the ports and services they need, even if the majority of your bandwidth is being used for streaming and scrolling through Instagram.


They’ve also patented Multi-Channel Zero-Wait DFS to skip between WiFi channels and ensure a solid connection in crowded locations, while multiple routers can be used to create a mesh network and cover large and complex buildings.

Compared to digging into your router and setting up a DMZ, this will drain your wallet at $249.99/€299.99 per Sila. Even in comparison to other mesh network systems, that’s pricey, and the boxy design won’t be to everyone’s tastes, even if it’s the kind of kit that you’ll hide away in the corner.

Is a more stable WiFi connection worth it to you?

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