GAME Leak New Medal Of Honor & NFS

“This morning we’re at an EA presentation, where we hope to see some pretty cool games! Don’t know what we can say yet but stay tuned!” tweeted the official GAME account this morning.

A short while later they tweeted “EA presentation was great, had mentions of new Medal of Honour & Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead.”

The tweet has since been deleted. Perhaps they should have followed their own advice about ‘what we can say’.

Source: Twitter



  1. ooo new Medal Of Honor then. Very exciting as I enjoyed the 2010 version :) No fussed about NFS until they include split screen.

    • That is a very good point. Most games which have a multiplayer aspect – especially Racers – should have a split screen mode. It’s just silly not to.

    • Only if there was more memory… or perhaps they ;re lazy, who knows

      • I’m fairly certain the Nintendo 64 had less power and memory than current gen consoles, and it had many games with up to 4-player split-screen. If they could do it then, they can do it now.

      • Lol so we get MoH (which i didn’t mind tbh) this year, are we going to see a new BF the year after? EA’s way of going the CoD route!

  2. MoH2 was already confirmed wasn’t it?

    • Nothing official.

      • I would have thought slipping teasers inside BF3 cases makes it pretty much official.

      • the medal of honer 2 poster included in every copy of battlefield 3 obviously confirmed it.

      • also another need for speed title is a given considering they release two or three a year.

    • As @Tuffcub said, nothing official, nor was the year it’ll be out.

      We all new, but still :-)

    • It’s not exactly Medal of Honor 2, is it?

    • Medal of Blandness *badum tish*

  3. As @Tuffcub said, nothing official, nor was the year it’ll be out.

    We all knew, but still :-)

    • Eh? What on earth happened here? Move along, move alone now.

  4. Everyone knew it would be announced. As EA i think plans on releasing a MOH game every other year. A NFS was going to happen due to NFS:The runs selling loads.:O

    I wonder if EA will slap Game in the face or offically confirm it?

  5. No surprise. MoH should be good.

    Not been interested in NFS since Underground 2, although SHIFT got a short blast.

  6. Saw MoH coming like a mile away plus it had a wee poster inside BF3 anyway. MoH was brilliant the multiplayer that is. I bet it will be released October this year. As for NFS well they need to fix the bloody servers.

  7. Foregone conclusions i would have thought, just a matter of when.

  8. Somebody is getting fired for that. Must have been a NDA that got broke there.

    • Yeah, must suck getting fired over a tweet, though you’d have thought they’d have known better.

  9. Looking forward to MoH, only gripe I had with the last one was it was too short. Still the campaign I’ve enjoyed the most this gen on single player.

    As for NFS, Hot Pursuit is fun, but I’ve had it since launch and only pick it up when I’ve nothing new to play. It’s the only NFS game I’ve ever tolerated past the demo so I doubt I’ll be buying any more soon.

    Still don’t see EA’s apparent wish for secrecy, it’s obvious that Battlefield and MoH will alternate the way activision do with IW and Treyarch COD games, and NFS is expected as much as the yearly Fifa roster update.

  10. Please don’t be NFS The Run 2.

    • Or NFS The Runs as a tentative title.

    • NFS The Walk! :D

    • Or NFS:TAXI!

    • There was nothing wrong with The Run. It’s just cos it’s made by Black Box, everyone on the internet says ‘tEh RuN IzZzZZ CrAp!1!! DnT GeT It!!1!!11!!!’ even though 9/10 people saying it’s not good have never even played it.

      • Lucky I played it so I cab comment all I like.

    • Crazy Taxi… oh wait

      • Falconer not to be rude but I have played it and even Platinum’ed and I am glad I got rid of it. It was terrible but hey that’s my opinion!

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