PS Vita Augmented Reality Table Football Video

The U.S. PlayStation blog has posted a video showing off the augmented reality Table Football game.

David Thatch from Sony Santa Monica demos the game and shows how the cards are used to lay out the pitch and explains the game is turn based and can be played locally by two players or using the adhoc mode.


Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. I feel like I should be Impressed by this, but ultimately…. I am not

  2. what was that thing walking in the background at 2.30?

    • An alien, trying to find the way back to Area 51 where the yanks have hidden his (or her) spaceship.

      • Looks like an Isaac Clarke suit.

  3. maybe they haven’t heard of subbuteo?
    In all honesty, this just looks rubbish.

  4. “Bleachers” (I had to look it up) and “soccer”, urghhhh.

    Like @SpikeyMikey23, I’m not that impressed with the game. As a tech demo it’s ok, nothing more but, as a game, the thought of holding up a Vita in front of a table with one hand whilst flicking players around on screen with the other is not compelling. In fact, I think I’d look and feel like a bit of a plonker.

    • Yeah, and it defeats the point of portable games..

  5. Words fail me as to how bad this game looks.

  6. Why Sony? Is the tech for this sort of stuff expensive to incorporate into the Vita?

  7. I admit it’s a great way to show off the power of the vita and it works very well. But I have a table football down my garage which I would rather play!

  8. I might have misunderstood. Is the game not free? If it is, don’t see why people moan. An extra wee side game for a laugh. If it is a game I need to purchase, then no chance I’m getting it.

  9. You would have thought that Sony could afford a decent cameraman to film this? Whoever is behind the lens has switched off autofocus but keeps missing the sweet spot.

  10. cheer up people its FREE.

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