File Sizes For Sony’s Vita Launch Titles Revealed

We’ve had a few people asking about which Vita memory card to get when the system launches over here in the UK, and we’ve just got the initial batch of first party games through, which should go some way to illustrate just how large these games can be.

Here’s a quick list:

  • WipEout 2048: 1.6GB
  • Reality Fighters: 670MB
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 3.3GB
  • Everybody’s Golf 6: 1.2GB
  • ModNation Racers: 1.4GB
  • Little Deviants: 1GB

That’s over 9GB if you’re just picking up the download versions of Sony’s first party retail games, so you can see that it’s the 16GB that you should be aiming at along with the console itself. Of course, all of the above can be bought on cartridge, and you’ll just need a card big enough to store saved games and patches.

We’ll have reviews of all these games starting very soon indeed.

Please note that the sizes may be subject to change.


  1. I’ll probably be buying all Vita games in physical format, to avoid this issue as much as possible. But I’ll still get a 16 or 32GB card I think. The sizes aren’t too bad though, I was expecting them to be a fair bit larger.

  2. Glad I’m importing a 32GB card now.

  3. Im on chapter 23 of Uncharted, and can see why it’s 3.3GB!!

  4. I will buy a 16gb cards them. But only when Persona 4 becomes available.

  5. Bear in mind some games will be download ONLY like Super Stardust Delta and Escape Plan. So i’ll be getting retail if availiable if it’s download ony you’ll need adequate storage.

    Asda Direct doing 16gb for £35 btw cheapest yet.

  6. If Sony price Vita games on the PSN like they do the PS3 games, the majority of us will purchase retail copies. Will it take long for game prices to drop after release? Do you want to resell your purchase? Everything points to retail for me.

    • Sony price there own games quite good imo.

  7. if the pricing of vita games online is anything like ps3 and psp games, factoring in the cost of a memory card it might be cheaper to buy physical copies. o_O

  8. Wish SCEE would give us some indication of pricing. Will they be cheaper than retail like in Japan? Or more expensive like PS3 games here? If cheaper like in Japan, we may as well download.

    Any chance TSA can try and get an answer out of SCEE?

    • What IS the difference in Japan anyway?
      I remember the stories before launch saying there WOULD be a difference, but, well… what is it?

      • I think it’s something like 1000 yen

      • Quite heft for some titles. Anywhere between about 10% and 20% cheaper

      • Nice and handy then.

      • That’s all good for the price at launch. But what they need is for the PSN prices to follow the real retail price in the following months.

        10-20% off a games RRP on PSN isn’t doing any good once it competes against bargain bin prices. (Upside is availability, they won’t disappear from PSN but they might from the stores)

  9. I expected larger files tbh. Safe to say for the AAA games, a la Uncharted, retail is the way to go. If a lot of other games are roughly 1gb though , then thats not bad.

  10. This makes me really happy that the 3DS both uses SD cards and gives you a 2GB one with the console. The great benefit to them in doing this is that you’ll be ready to buy downloadable games and use their services properly, which will result in further sales from customer satisfaction. Sony have it all wrong… :P.

    • The one advantage of Sony’s method is that there is no mixing up of speeds. MicroSD cards can be really, really slow. Fine for grabbing a song or image, but nowhere near fast enough to stream HD video from or load a game in a decent time.

      Since 99% of people buying the PSV (in a years time, if things go to plan) won’t really understand what all the different classes of SD card mean, you can bet many would end up frustrated with slow speeds, because they cut a corner and only bought a cheap card.

      Us is the know would be fine, but others probably wouldn’t.

      • That’s an excellent point and one I hadn’t thought of nor seen discussed before. It would be interesting to see what class the Vita memory cards are.

      • All I can say is they had better be top class, the price they’re charging for them.
        It’s not a deal-breaker for the Vita for me, but it does mean one less software sale as I’ll be spending the equivalent of a decent game off the store on the price increase of a propriety memory card…

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