Uncharted 3 Patch 1.03 Makes Way For DLC

Over at its official blog, Naughty Dog has announced that update 1.03 will be made available across the globe over the next 24-hour period. If you were expected a myriad of radical tweaks and balances you will have to wait as 1.03 is mainly dedicated to allowing the smooth integration of Uncharted 3’s first major content update, Flashback Map Pack #1.

A release date has yet to be disclosed though ND are teasing “full details” next Tuesday, conveniently the same day that the American PlayStation Store receives its weekly update. So far we known that updated version of The Ice Cave, The Fort, and The Sanctuary are all billed for the premium map pack, rumours suggesting that The Lost City could be the fourth and final addition. Though stripped from Uncharted 2’s competitive multiplayer, each one will receive a cosmetic makeover; as much as I dislike developer’s re-shelving content, there is no arguing that Uncharted 2 had an outstanding roster back in 2009.


1.03 isn’t entirely void of any immediate game changes; the cutscene viewer has been fixed and parties who join game lobbies aren’t as likely to be designated as Villains team than before.

Both the Creepy Crawly and Quick Boom Medal Kickbacks have also been altered. The latter, allowing players’ grenades to explode on impact will now require 10 medals as opposed to 7, the duration having also been knocked down to 15 seconds instead of 20. From personal use and observation of other players, it’s certainly one of the most used kickbacks in-game, the decision  to “nerf” it being a sensible one indeed.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. There goes my short-lived 100%. Oh well, easy come easy go.

  2. Another Recycled Map Pack? I can’t believe so many people wants to play the same again and again.

    • I know, I find that surprising – same with MW2 and Killzone map packs.

      • And Assassins Creed packs too. I don’t know why people want to buy the same thing twice effectively.

      • Yeah, I understand the developers – it’s cash for doing nothing since the maps have already been produced (ok, so the uncharted ones have had a bit of a tweak). I’m just surprised their is the market for them – I can only assume it’s mainly people who didn’t buy the previous games who buy them. MW2 wasn’t too bad, as they just threw in 1 old map with the 3 new ones, but Uncharted and Killzone are just old maps I beleive.

  3. just started on the SP of this game, its great. Tried the MP in the beta and didn’t like it, much prefered UC2. Will be giving it a go soon to see how the full version works out. Hopefully this map pack will help.

    • I thought the same too making the jump from UC2’s multiplayer but it does grow on you, especially when the Kickbacks, Guns and Mods open up.

  4. Strangely, i abandoned UC3 near the end and got stuck into Skyrim instead. I must get back to it and finish it so i can trade it in.

  5. Finally won’t be stuck playing as villains in the Uncharted 3 meets. Look forward to playing some of the old maps and seeing the changes.

  6. No Fleetfoot or FAL-SS changes?


  7. Not interested in these changes. However the patch has already downloaded….and bricked the game. Various graphics glitches in the scenery, which had never been an issue with UC before, and games just crashing into the loading screen (revolving ring).
    I imagine 1.04 will follow fairly soon.

  8. Got to get back into this and check it out. Loved the UC2 MP, even though I put hardly any time into it. The kickbacks and treasures and guns annoy me in this, I really loved the simplicity. Should probably play the SP again too, that was great, although annoying at parts.

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