Capcom Announces Next Fight Club Date

Capcom has announced its Fight Club event’s next date and location, 4th February 2012 at Iceni Warriors Gym, 132 King Street, Norwich. The event is over 18’s only and free entry with free food and drink.

“It’ll be a packed evening of the latest builds of Street Fighter x Tekken and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, plus Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. “

The night will also host competitions. Everyone who attends can enter in a prize draw to win a Viewlix Arcade Cabinent which has the ability to run PS3 games. Other prizes include A3 art prints and a custom title for Super Street Fighter IV on PS3 or Xbox 360. The event will kick off at 19:30 and Capcom is advising people to get there early to avoid missing out.

Source: Capcom



  1. I went to the event in Edinburgh on sat. Bit of a mixed bag, it was great trying out street fighter x tekken, but there wasn’t anything else to try. Some other games would have kept it interesting. Free food was half a Bacon roll each! The drinks made up for it though. I would have been good if they organised a mini tournament, but everyone was just left to it, so I got bored after a few hours.

    • Aye. I was literally just around the corner at a friend’s birthday party so stuck my head in. Had expected a little bit more variety or stuff happening & assumed I’d just missed it.

  2. The first rule of Capcom Fightclub is you don’t talk about Capcom Fightclub. The second rule is to play games and then start a brawl. :p

    It doesn’t seem to have much variety. I mean, most games are from the same franchise. Actually, how many fighting franchises does Capcom have? O-o

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