GAME Database Breached? (Update)

OK I should start by saying this has yet to be confirmed, but a ‘ database’ file has appeared on Pastebin, containing what appears to be a couple of hundred emails and passwords.

It might be real, or just someone having a laugh. I thought it best to give you all a heads up, so you can at least decide if you want to go in and change your password.


As always, TheSixthAxis strongly recommends that you do not duplicate passwords or details on multiple sites – always use a unique password for every site and service.

Update: GAME has released a statement saying their database has not been breached.

“At GAME we guard our customers’ details very carefully,” says the press release. “We have thoroughly investigated the hacking claims made today by the website Pastebin, and can confirm that they are entirely false. The published email addresses are not registered users of, and there has been no breach of our database security.”

“We would like to assure all our customers that their details are well protected, and advise anyone who has any questions to contact our customer services team via the website, our Facebook page or Twitter account.”

Source: Softpedia /Twitter



  1. Think the list is fake, possibly from another source & simply retitled.
    they don’t appear to be GAME accounts

    • Whatever the source of the list, people’s password are a joke.
      word or word with a number at the end of it? In 2012, with all that we know now, really?

  2. it made news on MCV, fake or not, im getting a tad sick of these hackers now. practicle joke or not im not laughing

  3. Email address and password changed just to be sure.
    Also removed my card which was stored on there. While on the subject, does anyone know how to remove payment cards on

  4. I would be pretty hard to have a new password for every online account, I would forget them all! But you should certainly have a different one for online banking; email account where all other Amazon/GAME/Play accounts are registered; and obviously your PSN account! :)

    If it is true, I’ll buy up lots of games, then claim they were intercepted by “the hacker”.

    • There loads of password manager’s either full programs which work across pc & smartphone or browser extensions.

      I manage loads of passwords which look like this
      Without so much as giving it a 2nd thought

      • Roboform <3

      • Never knew that kind of thing existed. But surely you have to store them somewhere….which in itself isn’t safe, no?

      • I use 1Password which is premium, but after the Sony & other fiasco is something I see the value in.

        Where it stores your password has 128bit encryption which would take 149,745,258,842,898 years to brute force attack

        LastPass & Roboform are others

      • But all it takes is one person getting hold of your phone/ iPad/ PC and all your passwords are gone…
        No, password managers aren’t for me.

      • ^ That’s kind of what I thought. As I assume most phones just have a 4 digit PIN, and probably something similar for the App itself. Plus, what if you lose your phone or your PC breaks. Think I’ll keep mine stored in ye old brain.

      • The thing with a password manager looking after a hundred different passwords, is that it ultimately ends up as only one password…

    • Keep an encrypted database on your phone or pc. Use keepass myself.

    • Thanks guys, perhaps I will invest!

    • Alternatively, come up with a system. I have a single eight character element that I always use which I put in the middle of four characters from the relevant website/service name.
      For example, if my code was 12345678 then my password here might be t1234he5678s

      Every password is unique but I never forget any of them!

      • Yeah, that would make it easier to remember! ;)

  5. Hope this is a practicle joke, but just to be on the safe side I’ll change my password.

    • game are about to get the most footfall on there website ever!

      • Ha ha!! You don’t think it’s Game just trying to get more people oth their site do you???

  6. WTF, I have £90 saved ip in Reward points for PS4 and my debit card details are there. there are too many passwords to remember.

    Hackers need to stop. FFS. Gamers are getting f**ked over.

    • Where do I get access to the GAME database leak?

    • Woah thats a lot of reward points! :| I’ve tried to save mine up in the past but when the guy behind the counter says “do you want to knock £5 off your purchase today that deep down you know you cannot really afford?” I have a hard time saying no thanks lol.

      • Me too, I buy stuff I can’t really justify to myself, so I can’t turn down a fiver off

        Probably could have got a free Vita if I’d saved up, although GAME will probably be bust by the time I get more than a fiver again

      • I give up with reward cards, the amount you could save by looking around outweighs the pain the in the backside of carrying a zillion cards around. Tesco/sainsburys/coop/game/hmv etc.

      • Lol I’ve been saving up since they were called Electronic Boutique, even my card is still EB.
        I don’t always buy from GAME but most of the time their prices are cheaper than Play, Amazon, HMV, Zavvi, ShopTo etc
        Also until recently, GAME’s delivery was super fast, order before 1 and you’d get the game next day. Don’t know why people hate GAME, their prices in store might be rip offs but online its ok.
        Hopefully by the time PS4 comes, I will have £100 ready to be knocked off the PS4 xD

    • Im confused:-
      1. The claims weren’t made by Pastebin as stated by GAME
      2. The list that was put on Pastebin is for Catalyst Gaming NOT GAME, there isn’t a single email in that list
      3. GAME’s passwords are supposed to be “clear text’, ones on Pastebin are clearly not.

  7. Hackers are pieces of shit, end of. Anyone getting caught doing it should be strung up.

    • I’d like to appose this statement.

      • I’d like to oppose your spelling :)

  8. LOL got to love how different websites handle news.
    TSA = GAME *might* have been hacked. We recommend changing your passwords to be on the safe side.
    IGN = GAME has been hacked! No one is safe! Whos that behind you?!

  9. Oh come on now this is getting annoying. Changed it to be safe but still getting thoroughly fed up of trawling through sites to change passwords.

    • good, still changed my password just in case.

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