Katy Perry Joins The Sims

California ‘Gurl’ Katy Perry is to join The Sims to create accessories, clothing, hairstyles, furniture and props that ‘truly celebrate the imagination that she brings to her performances, music videos and life. ‘

Presumably two of the first items available will a foppish British comedian and digital divorce certificate.


Katy will feature in multiple Sims games starting with a special Collector’s Edition for The Sims 3 Showtime which will hit the shelves this March.

Ms Perry has sold over 37,620,000 digital tracks in the United States, won 74 awards and owns one brassiere that doubles up as a whipped cream dispenser (see below.)

Source: Press Release



  1. The screenshots from the game look like Space Channel 5.

    SC5 was amazing.

  2. I really need to get The Sims 3 – Loved the original Sims and found The Sims 2 enjoyable although got bored with the constant expansion packs and the toll it took on my then lower powered machine.

    • To clarify – “I really need to get The Sims 3” Not because of Katy Perry.

  3. Katy Perry has no talent, yes she has effing hot body that any guy would want to you know, her face is ok but she can not sing!

    Also Snoop Dogg should be ashamed, how does one go from Gin N Juice to pop.

    • She can sing very well, hunt on youtube for an unplugged session.

      • Brand ruined her for everyone else.

        Not saying I had a chance mind!

      • Nah, I don’t like pop, I only like Heavy Metal and Hip Hop/Rap.

      • So because you don’t like her music you go around telling people she can’t sing? Right.

      • KeRaSh – You seem surprised? People doing that is nothing new… Sucks.
        Try to have an open mind Awayze, Just because it’s not hip hop, rap, or metal, doesn’t mean it’s crap. I’m not a fan of Katy Perry’s music, but that’s not to say she’s untalented. In fact, there’s many ‘crap’ pop singers that are incredibly talented, but tone it down, because pop makes more money.

    • How can Snoop? $$$

  4. Okay, I’m slightly addicted to those there Sims at the moment, and this video is possibly the best use of YouTube embedding TSA has featured in months. Hurrah.
    On a related note though – there are already far too many Sims add-ons about, and this one doesnt appear to be value for money at £35 – But I guess if people are willing to pay it, EA will keep rolling them out.

    • Lol my eyes, meh, I never though of her as pretty anyway, just that she had an hot body.

    • because im sure your lass looks like a model on a morning…

  5. Man, the things I’d do to Katy Perry…

  6. Personally id rather see russl brand included into the Sims universe as he is a person with decent talent.

    I actually enjoyed I kissed a girl when i first heard it, but that was back when i knew nothing of Katy Perry and thought she was just a good singer, nothing more and nothing less.

    but of course im in the minority when it comes to theses opinions because DURRRSHESAGIRLYGIRLANDSHESNOTTHATHIDEOUSSOWHYNOT?
    even though id say she looks generic at best.

  7. shes nothin special really see if shes still remembered this time nxt year, and sims 3 is great would like too see if there going to have more celebs doing this

    • She’s the fourth of fifth biggest selling artist of all time in the states.. I think she’ll be about for a bit.

  8. I think she sings well, plus she is hotter than hell. Although the whole Russell Brand thing is gross.

    I have no interest in the Sim’s though.

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