Max Payne 3 Dated

Rockstar has sent over the release dates for Max Payne 3. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be getting the game on May 15th in North America and May 18th worldwide, and the PC version will be out on May 29th in North America and June 1st worldwide.

With the game releasing around the middle of the year, the chances of the new Grand Theft Auto making a 2012 appearance seem slim.

Source: Press Release


  1. Was initially very dubious about this on seeing Max’s baldy redesign, but a mate showed me a dev video about the animation system and it sucked me straight back in. Great series and this is looking awesome, can’t wait as Stranglehold was a pale imitation and this has been a long time coming.

    • Something against Baldies chum? That there is fightin’ talk!

      But yea, think I saw the same video. Put me in mind of that WWII sniper game that I can never remember the name of, only much more action oriented.

      Certainly had a very Action Half-life feel to it, so I’m already interested.

      • good point, probably why it appealed, AHL ruled supreme and I can’t believe your bro works for the OU and doesn’t make slow mo gun opera games for a living :( Them were the days what was. Hadn’t even thought of the sniper comparison but yeah, now you mention it there is a likeness, Sniper elite iirc? that was fun too :D

        As for something against baldies – you and your kind, via the light reflected from your shiny pates, are responsible for 124,003 deaths a year in car crashes caused by the blinding of other drivers, but also for global warming. All of it, because of the reflected heat (shakes fist) grrrrr. ;D

        Hope you’re well mate :)

      • It’s one of those things everytime i kept seeing him bald i kept think of Alan from the hangover movies! but every video i have seen keeps me on the edge wanting this game
        and im personally happy it’s coming in May with the Vita,UFC3 and Mass Effect 3 oh and Twisted Metal im going to be busy

  2. looking forward to this but hope we see GTA5 this year.

    • twud be nice eh? feels like an age has passed since IV, but then I guess that’s why they set the benchmark.

  3. a full 15 days after for the PC version? ridiculous -.-

  4. Shame it’s not a GTA V announcement

  5. I guess this means GTA won’t be out in 2012 then. Not that it will matter as it will sell boat loads whenever it’s released. Remember playing MP2 back in the day but can’t seem to get excited for this at all.

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