Ubisoft Vancouver And Hudsonsoft Close

In 2009 Ubisoft bought developers Action Pants and re-branded the studio as Ubisoft Vancouver. The team began to specialise in sports games including Motionsports Adrenaline and that rather disastrous Pure Football.

Ubisoft has now closed down the studio as they ‘haven’t found the right formula for success for the talented team there.’


Meanwhile, over in Japan, Konami has announced the final days of Hudsonsoft. The studio was acquired by Konami in 2005 after it ran into financial difficulties and on March 1st 2012, Hudsonsoft will no longer exist.

All assets merged in to Konami Digital Entertainment and what remains of Hudsosoft will be tasked with creating content for mobile phones.

Source: Game Informer / Andriasang



  1. Shame about Hudsonsoft – Bomberman was amazing, and I played it to death on my Sega Saturn. Is there a PSN version…I would have thought an online PSN version with 8-10 players would have been ideal!

    • there is a psn Bomberman game, it’s pretty good actually.

      • Cool thanks, is it HD or a PSOne classic? And does it have multiplayer? Sorry for all the questions!! I loved the old ones with the various power-ups and Dinosaurs!

      • IT does have multilpayer, and its a new version specifically for the PSN. Has loads of game modes.

      • AWESOME. Thanks – that’s getting purchased. The store updates of late have been pretty boring for me, so I’ll have something to buy! :)

      • you can design your own bomber as well.
        this video shows some of the options.

        suddenly i want to start playing this game again.

    • it’s HD and it has online Multiplayer

    • It also has support for 7 players locally.

  2. Should we keep a tally of how many studios close this year? Ive got 5 so far.

  3. I LOVE Bomberman Ultra:P
    A few things i don’t like about the game are –
    you can’t play your own music off the PS3 while playing the game
    + ‘Copy Protected’ save…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I F-IN HATE THEM!!! :-/
    + you can’t save player 2/3/4 etc etc name & stats? (like 99% of games this Gen, how F-IN sad is that :-/
    + stupid Trophies??? ‘Dress up as a girl with 3 other girls online’? WTF???!!! :D

    • I don’t get your complaints that certain trophy isn’t stupid its hilarous or even music wouldn’t be a issue?

  4. I take back the cheaky comment I made on another story about it being a tuff job in the games industy.
    It must be pretty stressfull for these guys and girls at the moment with all these studio closures.

  5. The 2012 developer death count now stands at 3 (with one being “restructured” *cough*), and it’s only been 3 weeks. I hope this won’t be a continuing trend this year, :/.

  6. Hearing about this too often now :/

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