Skyrim Gets a ‘My Little Pony’ Mod

Well, it seems that someone has created a mod in Skyrim that replaces dragons with a character from My Little Pony. It’s possibly the most terrifying thing in existence.

Check out the video below, although be warned it does feature part of the introduction to the game, which may spoil it for those who have yet to start.

Source: YouTube



  1. ha ha, brilliant.

  2. That doesn’t seem right, shouldn’t it be flying backwards? ;p

  3. Truely frightening.

  4. seems to have upped the frame-rate at least

  5. kill it, kill it with fire. O_O

    • My thoughts exactly. Horrendous.

  6. Well, that just shat all over my happy childhood memories. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hide under the bed…

  7. I think this may be the best mod I have ever seen for a game.

  8. Very good, would have been great if all the NPC’s had been changed to Care Bears or Surfs too.

  9. god bless these crazy ass modders, im still using the Macho dragons atm :)

  10. Amazing. Would be so funny playing the full game like that.

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