[Update] Naughty Dog Deploys Uncharted 3 FAL Nerf

Aside from Uncharted 3’s beguiling treasure system, the game’s resident semi-automatic n00b slayer, the FAL-SS, has been one of its most complained about assets.

Available to players who reach level 50, it’s the go-to choice for any plundering veteran; despite having a vicious recoil, the high damage count and ability to aim via a red-dot sight pits it head and shoulders above any other weapon in the Uncharted online arsenal. Well, that may have been the case yesterday.


Naughty Dog recently announced a live update for Uncharted 3 last night. According to the post, it will now take five shots to down an enemy player (as opposed to four,) or three headshots.

It’s unclear whether the update has made a noticeable change; some players are reporting that the FAL-SS is still hugely overpowered, calling for a kill rate of 6/7 shots whilst also demanding a slower fire rate.

ND has also altered a number of “Death Planes,” nullifying any hidden tricks exploitative players have been using to grab some cheap kills. Hopefully we’ll be able to update you with our own opinions on the live update later today.

Update: Since posting, I’ve had a chance to get some hands-on time with the update. Given that I’ve just started my first Legacy (similar to COD’s Prestige Mode) I’m being dropped into matches with other players between 60-75 with the occasional low-level straggler; having downloaded the new map pack, my matchmaking options have also been narrowed further, grouping me with Uncharted 3’s most dedicated players.

From what I’ve seen, the live update has certainly made impact. Not once, in the space of an hour, was I gunned down by a player carrying a FAL-SS. Especially in close quarters, the semi-automatic beast has definitely lost its edge, the G-MAL now matching it in terms of long-range efficiency. Statistically, the update only nerfed the FAL ever so slightly yet there’s been some sort of psychological impact as players are now reaching out and experimenting with some of the game’s more overlooked weapons.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. I saw the Naughty Dog paw on your home page and hoped the Jak and Daxter release date had been announced finally… No such luck :(

    • It usually helps if you read the post titles too ;)

      • I saw that wise guy :P I meant before I read that too!

    • I thought that had already been announced for sometime in February? Wiki is telling me Feb 24th for Europe.

      • Yeah they announced February a while back but no fixed date has been announced just yet.

  2. I’m sorry, “or three headshots”. That term just seems silly to me?! :)

    • One headshot and you should be dead on any game!

    • Exactly Origami, I was just going to post that. If you don’t die from 1 headshot I won’t be playing that game.

      • Really? I know Metal Gear Online had headshot insta-kills but for me it totally ruined the game. People would revert the same tactics of erratically strafing whilst latching on for headshots. Ruined the game for me if I’m honest.

      • Which Metal Gear Online? MGS3 Metal Gear Online or MGS4 Metal Gear Online?

    • I certainly wouldn’t want to survive 3 headshots!! XD

      • you wouldn’t, you’d only survive 2, the third would kill you! (Sorry for being pedantic!)

    • But you guys are fine with regenerating health? I don’t think one headshot matters, I mean, it’s not like the game is realistic…

      • You have got a point here. But 3 headshots is too far.

      • I think you’re taking my comment a little too seriously. :) Also, respawning, let alone regenerating health! But 3 headshots just seems a little odd when you read it like that, lol! Especially when a head is a relatively small target and 1 is usually the gaming standard when shooting is involved, that’s all. To be fair, in Uncharted it’s easier to get headshots so 1 probably would be unbalanced.

    • Don’t forget, ahead shot doesn’t guarantee death in the real world either.
      Just makes it very likely.

      Games where people die from one shot always end up as camping snipe-fests, and most people don’t want to play those. Make a sniper game for the people who do.

  3. I played UC 3 MP and it felt kinda challenging, more boring than UC 2 MP, don’t take me wrong. I hated UC 3 gun kickbacks, rate of fire and accuracy, while UC 2 felt challenging, way more addicting and also fun MP. THIS is my opinion whether you like it or not, it’s up to you

    • Well thats an odd way of putting it.

    • I like it. Now where’s my reward?

  4. I’ve still not even played the MP on Uncharted 3, I’m going to be well behind everyone when I finally get on it.

  5. Wow. This makes absolutely no difference whatsoever! Naughty Dog rock!

    I think all the sensible devs at ND went to work on The Last Of Us and left the monkeys to run Uncharted.

  6. Makes zero difference and even more M9 RoF players now. But I guess the matchmaking from the DLC is strongly correlated with the type of player you expect to find using these loadouts.

  7. I’ll definitely give it another blast. 1PM GMT isn’t exactly peak time.

  8. I shall test it out tonight. I lost count of the times I got killed by the FAL, but since I don’t quite like that weapon I always thought it was a simple matter of my enemy being more skilled :]

  9. The online won’t even connect for me. Fails syncing level data or something. I do however have BF3, so I don’t really give a crap.

    I’m definitely not buying any more ND games new though, I will be ebaying them in the future.

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