All Northern Ireland GameStop Stores Closed

GameStop has closed all of its Northern Irish branches and will be ceasing all store trading within the country immediately.  The story first broke over at  The Gaming Liberty with a picture showing a branch of GameStop shuttered and with posters advertising the company’s website for future purchases.

Michael Finucane, Gamestop’s Commercial  Director, spoke to MCV.


“The recent store closures in Northern Ireland are part of our plan, announced six months ago, to exit the UK market from a brick and mortar perspective. We started this process last year closing our Birmingham, Stockport and Belfast locations. The stores in the Republic of Ireland are not affected at this time.”

There is some speculation that staff were only told over the weekend about the plans to close the stores though this is currently unknown. Of course, our best goes out to those who lost their jobs after closures and hope they find employment elsewhere.




  1. Wow.
    Didn’t that coming.
    I hope this isn’t contagious…

    • “exit the UK market from a brick and mortar perspective”
      -Sounds contagious to me. More UK closures to come soon if they’re true to their plan.

  2. Understandable what with rent, business rates etc. Online shopping is the way forward.

  3. Worst place to buy games from in Belfast. They seemed to ignore the Euro currency exchange sometimes so games which were £40 in HMV and Game were £50 or £55 in Gamestop. Absolutely terrible shops too, dirty, noisy, dark and cramped.

    It sucks that the staff are out of work now though, it’s not easy to get another job these days.

    Of course, they might have gotten a lot better recently, I stopped even looking in the window about a year ago.

    • I appreciate you have an opinion but my experience of Belfast (Corn Market) GameStop was completely different.

      I never once saw any game priced at £55 and were always as competitive as any other high street store you mention.

      Add to that the staff were by far the most knowledgeable of any of the above that I always enjoyed shopping there, or even going in for a grown up chat about gaming in general.

      I for one will miss that shop and feel bad for all the guys that worked there as they were always most helpful and more importantly friendly.

    • I agree, I much prefered it over any store. Sad to see Gamestop go

  4. This sets a worrying precedent…

  5. The only shop the stands a chance in northern Ireland is game because it’s a recognised brand, and even it’s failing. The gaming market is shifting to the supermarkets who can offer games at far lower prices. Then the competition from online sites and companies like lovefilm will make it extremely difficult for game stores in general.

  6. Hardly ever shop in any gaming shops. But occasionally, they do have better deals, I hope they all don’t disappear. :/

  7. That’s a bit dickish if they told them over the weekend that they’re out of a job. I can see the reason for moving to online only model but still.

    I hope those who lost their jobs can get employed very quickly. Is it me or are we seeing at least one article a week which is about a closure? :S

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