Report: New Xbox Six Times As Powerful As 360

As rumours mount over an E3 showing of a new Xbox console (and, of course, a new PlayStation one) this year, reports are starting to emerge about the chipsets these new machines will be using.  The latest comes from IGN, who have gone on record stating a few cold, hard facts about whatever Microsoft’s next device will be called.

First up, though – a date.  “The next Xbox will ship to retailers in late October or early November of next year,” says the site, suggesting that it’ll have “six times the processing power of the Xbox 360.”

[drop2]Earlier reports from Fudzilla and SemiAccurate have pinned the same sort of dates, with production kicking off in a matter of months before the public will be able to get their hands on next gen for Christmas 2013.

However, IGN’s sources have downgraded speculation regarding the graphic chip, saying it’ll be based on the 6000 series, not AMD’s 7000 series.

In fact, they say it’ll be close to a Radeon HD 6670, which offers multiple display output, 3D and 1080p alongside support for DirectX 11.  This is what’s giving IGN the “six times” headline, but it also locks the console – in raw numbers at least – at around 20% greater performance than the upcoming Wii U.

The 6670 might be much better than the chipset in the current 360, but it’s not exactly cutting edge now.  Modern PCs are already way beyond what the Radeon can do, so it’s disappointing that Microsoft are – if this is all true of course – playing it safe (and cheap) with the graphics.

We’ll see.



  1. The 360 is flagging. Even though sales are still strong, as a gamer, I feel that the titles have been slipping in quality and quantity for a while. Microsoft really do need to get something new out there. Kinect has given them the boost they needed to add another 12 months to the console life span, but they need to get something out there in the next 12 months, even if its not cutting edge tech (like IGN are making out) to keep the momentum going.
    On the other hand, I feel like the PS3 is only coming into its own this last few years and titles are still frequent and of quality. Problem is, Microsoft announce NeXtbox 720, Sony are going to want to make sure they have something new out around the same time. Shame.

  2. I think Xmas 2013 sounds like the ideal release window. However this sounds quite conservative from MS and think they could probably push more power into the new console. Most likely they will release with a low price and a killer app for Kinect and they will fly off the shelves regardless of what under the hood.

  3. (and, of course, a new PlayStation one)

    This. I want a new PS1.
    Back on topic, I hate this time of any new console “war”. All this sort of rumour does, is fire up the fanboys. We are in need of a new console but I doubt there will be a great deal of difference between Microsofts and Sony’. One will have better graphics the other more or better CPU’s. We should be concentrating on what we want from software, games and extra content.

    • Same here, and it’s only going to get worse until there’s an official announcement.

    • The software will come, that is a given. The quality of the software however, depends heavily on the hardware. How powerful the new consoles are, what their capabilities are and – most important of all – how capable they are to each other, will determine the kind of game we’ll be playing for the next 7-10 years.

      Hardware isn’t just important, it’s critical.

      If there exists a massive performance delta between the next Xbox and PS, it may cause us (gamers) a lot more grief than you think. Publishers like cross platform games – they bring in more $$$, but nobody wants to have to make two different versions of the same game if they can avoid it. This gen it’s the PS3 that suffers slightly, despite actually having more ‘powerful’ hardware. Next gen might be even worse, especially if MS go cheap and aim casual and Sony go powerhouse as they have tended to do. As a PS gamer (primarily) I would hate to see titles ‘dragged down’ to meet the specs of the slowest console.

  4. I for one certainley wont ever be buying a new sku on release date agaibn. Been had to many times thank you, i’ll wait until the inevitable bugs and cost cutting exercises on parts have been ironed out thank you very much.

  5. If this is all what Microsoft can conger up in the next year… I’d stick to disregarding my 360 and keep to my Q2 2010 PC which would kick the shit out of this Ex-Gen Box of out of date console crap MS wants to produce!

    We know what console is gonna look visually shit in the next few years! Maybe Microsoft wants people to compliment how good the PC will visually look and perform by then vs the Crap-Box

    Give it a card from the Radeon 7000 series at least!

    • I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of MS. But seriously, please don’t be a fanboy on here. Also, won’t a Q2 “kick the shit” out of the PS3 as well? ;)

      • I wouldn’t say he is being a fan-boy. He just doesn’t like the xbox. Judging by the comment, he owns one.

  6. Christmas 2013 sounds good to me, everything else I’d rather wait and see. Between the next gens I think I’ll go for the best hardware wise one.

  7. I’m wondering more if the chips will be cheap to cover the cost of kinect 2 being built in? Will it even be shipped with a joypad?? I think a lot of the next gen has been decided by trophies & achievements. There seems to be a lot of pride in them & I think people will stick to what they have?

  8. Interesting details on the new Xbox there. Very dissapointed with the thought of a the GPU being based around a HD 6670. It will not run games with high texture details at 1080p well. I have a HD6950 and that is just good enough to run most current games maxed. So I can’t see a HD 6670 being that good and as Nofi said, the 6000 series is not as cutting edge anymore.

  9. Seems overkill, way too over-specced for a hub that you can stream games & services too.

  10. I wonder if developers will have trouble developing for the xbox 720 for the first few years if it is 6 times as powerful? Anyway, i hope MS will avoid a fatal design flaw as i think the original xbox 360 had one which caused the motherboard to overheat.

    I wonder if the AMD7000 graphics card is incompatible with the hardware that MS are using for the 720?

    • It will not be to do with it being compatible or not. It will be compatible, but the only 7000 series card out costs over £400 pounds at retail to buy. That would suggest it costs a lot to manufacture, so it won’t get put in the new Xbox to keep the price down. I reckon if you put a 7970 type GPU in the new Xbox it would retail at launch around £350 to £400. The 6000 series is a better choice for them, although I would have gone for a better one than the 6670.

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