Twisted Metal Demo Hitting Next Week’s PSN Update

Those who have tuned into this week’s PlayStation Blogcast will have heard Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Schuman confirm that a Twisted Metal demo is due to launch next week.

According to the Sony rep, the downloadable sampler will be multiplayer-only with no news on whether other regions will also get access.


Despite being a much-loved Sony flagship, it has been some time (more than ten years in fact) since Twisted Metal took centre stage on a home console.

Though Eat Sleep Play will undoubtedly have the support of franchise worshippers, other audiences (especially those outside the United States) may need convincing, hence the importance of a multi-regional demo.

Source: PlayStation Blogcast 009



  1. Fantastic! Can’t wait!

    • This news is sicker than sick, sicker than a pogo stick….

  2. i’ll download it off the us store anyway, scee never seem able to get their update out before late afternoon/early evening so the us version will be out much sooner anyway.

  3. Good to hear. A demo is always welcomed, especially if it lets you try out a game’s multiplayer component

  4. Awesome! I look forward to trying this! :)

  5. The shift from campaign to multiplayer worries me hugely but fingers crossed they can cater for all.

    • Surely the games have never really been about the campaign and more focussed on split screen / online (in TMB’s case) ?

      • I agree with Eldave. I’ve always remembered TM for the split screen fun and not the campaign.

  6. Definitely trying this out

  7. Let’s see if Sony Santa Monica & SCEE can get this to UK/EU.
    I’m not holding my breath, disparity is a bigger issue than ever when it comes to demos (& even releases)

  8. Didn’t Jaffe say recently in one of his long webcasts that the demo would feature SP and MP? Shame, I’m interested in the SP too.

  9. Cool. This will be the main convincer as to whether i get it. Please be good.

  10. Can’t wait for this! hopefully it sells enough for sony to push for a sequel like Jaffe said on his blog.

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