The Dead Space Moms Are Back

Remember the rather amusing ‘Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2’ campaign that EA ran to promote the sequel?

No? Well check the video below, paying careful note to the Moms and the lovely wood panelling behind them.

Now go and look at the backdrop of – it’s the same Moms. Now, why on earth would they be back? And why would they have an ‘M’ for Mature rating?

And why am I asking all these questions? Dead Space 3 innit.




  1. Its a sequel!


    Don’t like the franchise… however I know people will like it… but why this?! Mirrors Edge would’ve be more fitting from EA’s libary of risks than another… bloody similar game.

    • To be fair, Dead Space & Mirrors Edge were both sleeper hits for EA, but i guess they feel that DS is slightly more viable & a better seller, as they can corner the horror crowd, the sci-fi crowd & the TPS crowd.

      Mirrors Edge is somewhat more ‘niche’ i would say & therefore more of a gamble.

      For what it’s worth though, i would also like to see a Mirrors Edge 2.

  2. Loved DS1 & DS2, so will be all over DS3! Hopefully a rough date is announced soon. Xmas 2012 I reckon.

  3. I love these games, i dotn even care where they go with it the universe behind it is so good for them to ruin it without purposly going out of their way to do it.

  4. i hope deadspace3 does happen
    trailer was good one of the mums looked like she was gonna hurl

  5. Unusual campaign really. Amusing certainly, but in an industry plagued by sales to underage gamers (often via stupid ignorant parents) it’s an odd angle to pursue. Seems to blatantly target the teenage demographic to me.

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