Allods Online: Volume 5: Game of Gods Detailed

More details have been announced regarding the expansion to free-to-play MMORPG, Allods Online. Titled ‘Volume 5: Game of Gods’, the first new thing players will notice is the Bard archetype. A support class, the Bard helps their party by performing powerful songs that provide buffs and large augmentations to party stats.

Bards can also negate or cancel harmful battle effects on party members and can even control the battlefield by causing enemies to weaken, flee in fear or fall asleep for a period of time. The Bard archetype will be playable by four races, creating four all new classes: the Elf Minstrel, the Orc Balladeer, the Xadaganian Agitator and the Kanian Skald.


Also new is Dead City, which is a new raid area for high level characters. Players will have to raid through this area and figure out the strategies to defeat the 13 new end-game bosses in 10 individual encounters. These fights include mounted combat on dragons for the first time in Allods Online history. The reward for this is the best up-to-date character equipment.

The PvP Battlegrounds is a new PvP mode which allows players to engage in 12 vs 12 PvP combat up to 20 times a day, in a dedicated zone, from level 23 upwards. Players from either team can capture resources while battling each other for exclusive rewards. Battlegrounds will award special in-game currency with which players can obtain chests that reward the player with level-appropriate gear, symbols of experience or even legendary gear exclusive to the Battlegrounds, as well as Draconic Relics that can be equipped at higher character levels. This in-game currency is exchanged with a specific NPC in order to get the rewards. Players will be rewarded for their successful team work, as well as individual performance.

Source: Press Release



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