Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Launch Trailer Released

A launch trailer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has been released. Due out next week, this RPG features a new universe imagined by R. A. Salvatore and brought to life by Todd McFarlane.

I tried out the demo on PS3 a couple of weeks ago, and unfortunately it had some pretty serious glitches (the Xbox 360 version was fine, apparently). Hopefully the final code won’t have any problems, as the game does look promising.

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  1. Just out of interest, what were the glitches?
    I tried the demo of both the PS3 and PC versions and they played identically for me, no glitches with either.
    The world looks ok but I’m not overly impressed with the camera, think that’s more me than the game though.

    • I had a few instances of buildings disappearing and textures not mapping properly (or at all), but enjoyed the demo anyway.

    • Total loss of audio, framerate problems, and every piece of text skipping so you couldnt read it. Apparently it was quite a well known problem with the PS3 version.

      • Oh, ok. Didn’t see any of that myself.
        I’m beginning to wonder if all PS3s really are identical, otherwise wouldn’t everyone have the same problems with all apps?

      • Kurt Schilling posted on NeoGAF and addressed the issue with the bugs in the demo. Apparently it’s 3 month before gold code and they didn’t want to release a demo at all but EA kind of forced them to but in the end it was a good thing because it raised awareness.
        Like I said. IGN played retail code and had no problems with the game.

  2. IGN apparently had retail code for a while now and their preview mentions on several occasions that they are very pleased by the fact that they have yet to encounter any real bugs, glitches or game freezes.

  3. I’m looking forward to this a lot, hopefully ill finish lotr by then

  4. Well, I played and loved the demo (PS3) and I have pre-ordered it :) I got a few graphical bugs and the no sound one towards the end too though, hoping all that won’t be evident in the full game!

  5. Will definitely pick this up but dont think ill get to play it as i have to start skyrim from scratch after the nephew overwriting my 18-20 hour save file! :(

  6. Enjoyed the demo on the PS3 (despite the gliches – no audio, skipping through text) and could be one to get later for me, as still playing Skyrim and a certain other game, that I’ll be on for a while, is on the horizon *cough* ME3 *cough*

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