The First “The Last Of Us” Screenshots Appear

As promised a few hours back, Game Informer have, after securing the lucrative world exclusive, published three screenshots of Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS3 survival horror title The Last Of Us.

And here they are:


They don’t give away a great deal, despite earlier claims, but they are impressive (dodgy looking truck aside) – can’t help shake an Uncharted vibe, but that’s hardly a negative.

As for new info, the site says that combat is both gunplay and melee, weapons break after repeated use, the game is set (at least in part) in Pittsburgh and you don’t control Ellie in the game at all.

The website / magazine promises more on the game over the coming days, and has made it this month’s cover feature, so expect lots of details to emerge once subscribers get their hands on their copies soon enough.

Until then, let us know what you think of the screenshots.



  1. Is that Drake I see? If thats the main character, i think they should go away from Drake, I mean, come on, its like an older version. Apart from that, I am happy to see they are doing something other then Uncharted and this sounds good.

    • Well the voices are totally different.

    • that was my first thought its drake with a beard :P

      • I actually speculated after the first trailer that it was actually Drake, after the world had gone down the crapper.

  2. Are they screenshots of actual gameplay? If so, man those graphics are stunning (besides that truck). Im really looking forward to this, more for the story between the two characters than anything else.

    • So far, you’ll find out that all promo screenshots of Uncharted games happened to be ingame screenshots. I don’t expect anything less for TLoU, and to me these snaps look definitely like the Uncharted engine running full steam.

  3. The guy in #3 looks like Nate. The world looks very enslaved which is great. Also I think Ellie looks like the girl from Inception.

    • Yep, uncanny resemblance to Ellen Page and I think the guy looks like Gerard Butler.

      • same as gaz more like butler to me. get no drake from this game.

      • The top in #3 looks exactly the same as Drake’s outfit in Drakes Fortune.

      • I see what you mean but it is jeans & a shirt with a backpack not gun holsters.

  4. Nd really know how to do beautiful looking greenery don’t they? I’ll be looking forward to this, nd don’t disappoint.

  5. The world reminds me alot of Crysis 2’s. An Overgrown New York.

  6. Love how everyone is noticing the dodgy truck.

    • I didn’t notice the truck at all. I had my eyes on the guy on the floor in front of the truck peeking at the action. “Can I get up? Nope! They’re still fighting” *plays dead a little longer*

      • That rally is a dodgy truck, the cards off in the background of the third shot look better.

      • Dodgy Truck Rally, from the guys that bought you Flatout 3!

  7. Its the West End Bridge in pic 3. It will be weird playing a game based in a place close to home.

    • I guess no-one will ever make a game based on good old sunny Bridlington :(

  8. It looks so beautiful cannot wait to have this in my sweaty little hands!

  9. That looks stunning. Also seems like there’s gonna be combat than I thought

  10. Looks fantastic. Hopefully the melee combat will work well.

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