Twisted Metal Gets Cut Up, Delayed in Europe

European players waiting to get a nice dose of psychotic clowning around in their car combat will have to wait a little longer than expected.

The game has been delayed for a couple of weeks in Europe due to localisation taking a little longer than expected. It’s hoped that it will be released in the EU at the start of March and the US release date of February 14th is still in place.


The European disc will also contain a slightly edited version of the game, something which David Jaffe, has taken to GAF to address

99% of the cuts were in the movies and the movies are still intact and I sat with the editor- who was the same editor of the American movies- and we went thru and addressed the notes from Europe and made sure the stories still worked. And to be fair, there have not been that many cuts.

For example, in the scene we’ve released on the net from the intro- where the girl stabs Tooth in the eye- the SCEE version has this but we cut away right before the scissors make contact with Tooth’s face. It’s CLEAR what she’s doing and I think we even keep the sound effects in and such- but the last few frames are gone.

The story itself tho totally works and- for some folks even who tend to think this kinda stuff plays better left to your imagination anyway- perhaps it even works better.

It sounds like some of the European countries more fond of this kind of censorship (I’m looking at you, Germany) have kicked up a fuss and we’re now all getting the edited version.

To his credit, Jaffe is obviously as exasperated about the edits as many of you will be but has found the best solution to the issue which still gets the game out within a couple of weeks of the US version and doesn’t end up costing the team excessive amounts to produce multiple discs.

Source: GAF Thanks, LFC-Gaz



  1. bloody germans and there non agression rules its stupid what do they think that hitler will be reborn in some evil child so they should make the rest of the EU suffer for one mans crimes its about time they wised up he was a one off cruel man life dont make them like him anymore!!!

    • What on earth are you rambling on about?

    • Lol, awesome. Comment of the year so far for its ridiculousness.

    • wow…just wow

      • Your avatar perfectly displays my responses when I read this guys comment, in fact its exactly the same as my response!

  2. Always nice when there is transparency when it comes to delays.

    • Transparency comes from Jaffe being the kind of guy he is, wonder if it would have just been an unknown delay if it was anyone else’s product.

  3. Disappointed that the UK so often gets caught up in stuff that relates to German & Australia, such is the nature of SCEE I suppose.

    • Yeah, that’s always gonna be the issue with SCEE unfortunately. We really need to break away from those guys, they’re holding us back ;)

      • Yeah, I’d love to live in Oceania on Airstrip One. ;)

    • CC im stating to think your inadvertently trying to push me away.

    • That’s the reason why I import all my games from the UK. Can’t be bothered to look up potential cuts for German versions and being an american, I prefer playing them in English anyways.
      The Germans can be real butt clenchers when it comes to cencorship.

  4. Jaffe’s frustrated, but from his comments, it sounds like he’s made sure that each cut and modification hasn’t really altered the intent and personality of the game.

    As for the number of discs and variants needed, I think that’s fair enough, as long as SCEE’s assertion that the game won’t be a big seller in the EU holds true. One less run of discs, and the added flexibility with stocks make sense if they don’t expect it to bust blocks.

    So on the whole, I think that whilst the delay itself shows a bit of mismanagement somewhere in the production chain, the cuts are likely quite minimal and reasonable.

  5. You’d almost think that the Americans, who are notorious for suing and cutting away strongs imagery from TV-shows, would be the ones with the less violent version.

    The cut mentioned makes a big difference, and perhaps for the better, as noticed by Jaffe. But it’s sad how all of Europe is affected by this. I’m just glad I don’t really mind waiting a couple more weeks, but it’s unfortunate how Twisted is now delayed a month further. Hopefully the EU-demo will be active until the new release.

    • Violence is perfectly fine in the US. Sex, on the other hand…

      • Make it violent sex and it’ll soften the perception?

  6. More cuts for another Twisted Metal game. Thankfully, it sounds like the essence is still very much there (unlike the brutal axing of everything cut-scene-like in Twisted Metal Black).

    When I see the gruesome shit people are getting away with in films, I still cannot believe we’re seeing cuts like this.

    Oh well.

  7. Glad I didn’t book the day off work to play this then…
    Cuts make me sad :( Especially in TM games.

    • Oh well. Played the demo last night and didn’t really enjoy it so I’ll be giving it a miss

  8. Oh well shame but it’s only 2 weeks! i like Jaffe it’s good that he explained whats up and from watching his previous blogs you cn bet this has frustrated him a little

  9. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But I guess maybe it’s a good thing. PSvita is releaseing on that date.

  10. This is great…and the tooth thingy with scissors does seem to a bit extreme so I’m glad thats edited, then March yeah… thank god, they had to… even if I believe theres Yakuza and Armoured Core 5?

    • How is censorship ‘great’? (to be honest,this has put me off a wee bit, i actively buy uncensored movies) That bitch Thatcher and the 1984 recordings act was bad enough. I am a grown adult,let me watch/play what i bloody well like, instead of fucking trying to nanny me…PFFT!

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