Dance Games Go To The Movies In ‘The FP’

Ah, Friday News. The best news of the week, the day when financial reports and release dates fade into the distance and the weirdness begins. Ladies and gentleman, I give you… ‘The FP’.

Or as it shall be known henceforth, ‘The WTF’. I had to check to make sure this is a real movie and indeed it is, it has its own IMDB page and I recognise one of the z-list actors listed on the film.


The plot: “Two rival gangs fight for control of Frazier Park – a deadly arena in competitive dance-fight video game “Beat-Beat Revolution.”

The trailer finds our hero – an eye patch wearing, bouffant haired dancer  – competing against what appears to be ‘Teenage Cyber Mr. T.’ The video features such wonderful dialogue as ‘He was not expecting the unexpected’, costumes straight out of Zoolander and a training montage lifted from Rocky.

Add in a wise Sensai offering advice of ‘Dance with your mind, not your feet’, a cheerful j-pop soundtrack, bringing a catapult to a gunfight, cage match dancing (????)  and random naked breast groping.

Watch the trailer and be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor.

Please note that the trailer contains the afformentioned naked breasts and a couple of uses of the ‘N’ word so is NSFW.

‘The FP’ has been screened at a couple of festivals and believe it or not, has gained some good reviews.

It will be released in the U.S.A. on March 16th in select cities and will have its red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on February 25th.

Source: YouTube



  1. I seriously can’t stop laughing at this.

  2. What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?

  3. I MUST see this film. I’ve just watched the trailer three times in a row and I’m still laughing like a mad fool. Amazing, just brilliant. The dialogue. The costumes. The cage match!

    My brain hurts at how much awesome it has just consumed.

  4. Thanks Tuffcub, now I can never unsee that.

    The FP – Better with Kinect.

  5. That’s effing hilarious! :D

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