Expedition Grizzly Will Turn You Into A Bear


I am typing this very, very slowly and there are two reasons for such a lack of speed.

Firstly, I am still not convinced this is a real game. I am 99% sure it is, I think it’s part of of the new Nat Geo Kinect game, the TV channel does have a program called ‘Expedition Grizzly’.

This theory is reinforced by the fact that Relentless Software created the Nat Geo game and they tweeted this video.

However a very large part of my consciousness is refusing to accept what I am watching.

Partly because the presentation is awful and looks like it was created for a Japanese game show but mostly because my brain keeps asking ‘What the actual f**k?’

Just watch the video.

Source: YouTube


  1. LOLWUT?

  2. Pre-ordered.

  3. ähh wtf?

  4. I’m buying an xbox for this

  5. you could tell that guy was trying very hard not to burst out laughing at the beginning.

    the bottom of the barrel is long gone, and we’re halfway through the crust of the planet with this one i think. O_O

  6. still, i will say one thing in it’s favour, it does make Fable The Journey look a whole lot better. ^_^

  7. I ah, I…
    I don’t understand.

    What do you do, what the hell this game, and what are they smoking?

  8. WonderBook is looking better and better..

  9. I know the Wii had so much rubbish but this is a whole new level for shovelware.

  10. The worst thing is, you cant un-see it, so the only logical thing to do is to post the video on facebook, and expose some other innocent people to it.
    Which I did, bwa-ha.

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