PlayStation Store Issues ‘Resolved’

According to the EU PlayStation Blog Twitter account the PS Store’s downloading problems have been fixed.

“The problems that some users were experiencing with downloading from PS Store have been resolved; apologies for the inconvenience.”

The problems that were caused included people not being able to download DLC or games, with some complaints that the error had also caused items that had already been paid for to disappear from the console. No official statement has been given on what caused the download errors, though there has been some speculation that the recent maintenance on the network may have been a factor.

Source: Twitter



  1. Whoo yep Thanks to Wotta now to download Syndicate Demo today ^^

    • Might download that as well, no idea what it’s like so I’m hoping it surprises me :)

  2. Yes mine were working this morning, I was pretty gutted on Sat when I successfully upgraded my HDD and then couldn’t download anything!

    • That would have been annoying! I wish they’d add a search function to the Download History, as not everything I’ve downloaded is still on the Store – I found this when downloading to my new harddrive. Also, sometimes the Store search brings up say 2,000 answers to the word “Bioshock”, whereas my History wouldn’t have 2% of that number of results for the same search.

      • That would be useful as going through a large list that can take a 1-10 seconds to show up can be annoying. I don’t even bother with it anymore and instead do it via the store. :-/

      • Yeah. Recently I wanted to download the GTi Club DLC to my second PS3. But since it’s removed from the Store, and the history has no search function, I had to search 900 lines! In the end I looked for the DLC release date on Google to narrow my search. However due to PS+ renewals, items and dates jump all over the place, but I found it in the end.

      • Yeah, it’s like they didn’t think ahead and think of making it user friendly. It would probably take a few lines of code to implent it so it would be easy for them to implent.

        Also, we effed if the store goes down and can only access the download list to access something we want to download. :S

      • Yeah, it could be seperated from PSN Store altogether (although I’m sure that wouldn’t be easy to do). It’s another reason why I don’t like digital information….very annoying when PSN went down if you wanted to access something you already paid for and own. That’s why I’m going to buy most Vita games on cartridge, especially with the increase of regular maintenance to the Store/PSN/SEN ;)

  3. I never had any problem the other day downloading stuff off my account, although I haven’t really touched my PS3 much. Besides a 10 minute go on Chime: Super Deluxe yesterday, I haven’t been on a game since Saturday before last, for the Warhammer 40K meet.

  4. It was the 1st time i have had a problem with the PSN Store. All ok now;) SONY please no more ‘maintenance’. Leave PSN alone. I get a perfect service so why mess with perfection :D

    • PSN fanboy alert, PSN fanboy alert…

    • Yeah, lets not report any major incidents that have happened with PSN. It’s not like people want to know about it or anything. ;)

  5. I know what caused it. Kevin Butler wanted a raise so he sabotaged PSN.:p

    But seriously, i wonder if Sony will investigate the cause of it? Hmm, i wonder if they effed up when they did that extra long maintance thus causing the problems?

  6. What is it with Sony always taking a week to admit there’s a problem? Are they holding out until an hour before they apply the fix so they can say they fix issues really quickly?

  7. Not quite fixed yet i’d say, i’ve just been on and was able to download but kept getting kicked out of the store after a connection timeout error.

  8. Mines been good as gold since this morning.

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