Twisted Metal Creator Leaves Eat Sleep Play

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has left developers Eat Sleep Play amidst job cuts, just before the game is expected to ship on PlayStation 3.

Joystiq reports that the studio has laid off eight employees, with the remaining 26 expected to transition into mobile game development, specifically iPhone and iPad titles.


“It’s a platform that is in our pockets almost 24/7. It’s kind of the size and types of games we’re playing,” said other co-founder Scott Campbell to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“You can certainly reach a lot more people. That’s pretty exciting for us.”

Via Joystiq.



  1. Oh god, that ain’t good.

    • I concur. Suggest Twisted Metal may actually be a car crash. Pun intended.

    • Why, project is now out the door & in the hands of Sony so with the contract finished what are they supposed to do sit around for 5 years until Sony need them again which was the time between Calling All Cars & Twisted Metal

      • It’s not good as another developer has gone the ipad/ipod route, less home console developers=bad.

      • @cc_star – agreed. It’s quite scary how quickly people numbers drop off when a development project is complete. As people are a drain on a project’s finances there’s no reason to keep them longer than required.

      • So, is this the same sort of situation with Rockstar’s job cuts after the release of Red Dead Redemption?

      • Was meant as a reply to psychobudgie

        Not sure what stopped ESP grasping the PSN by the balls over the past 5 years though, I’m sure they could use their undoubted creativity to have created 2D games like Q-Games has been doing with the PJ series which can be cheaper & quicker to produce than games which require a lot of 3D modelling & artwork where the costs can be bumped up & you may not get your return on investment…

        Their lack of activity since Calling All Cars was released seems weird more than anything.

      • I really really really hope I am wrong as I think Jaffe from a creative standpoint is rather spiffy but I was not exactly a huge fan of the first TM and always thought of it as a more of a niche title than mass market.

      • Pressed enter to quickly. Should also add, which shows how much I know as it then went on to do rather well. I personally preferred Carmageddon but I’m a bit crap.

  2. Muppets (apart from Jaffe)

    • Vision of Kermit and Co working away on a iOS game. Thanks for that.

    • Are they exclusive characters?… like that bunny monster?

  3. Good move for ESP if that’s the direction they want to go in

    Jaffe himself said yesterday “The rumors of me making casual games post TM- as many of you define them- are highly exaggerated.” Which in hindsight now sounds like a precursor to the split

  4. Big shock this.

  5. With Twisted Metal done, Jaffe has made the right call. If E.S.P. want to make iOS games, so be it, but Jaffe has proven time and time again he has the vision to make entertaining, grandios games that just wouldnt work on that platform and I dont think it will be long before he is either consulting with other companies or is snapped up by a different Dev house working on a console project.

    As an aside, Im a bit fed up of seeing employees let go after a product is finished but hasnt reached the shelves yet. I believe its time for the games industry to go the way of the movie biz and start hiring people on a single production basis. Hire your direcotrs in, get the ideas together and then contract the developers around them. That way, developing houses are minimising risks of having a team sitting around doing nothing while the ideas are still coming together for the next project. Nobody gets laid off because they were only contracted for the single project and the devloper wins because they arnt paying wages for an idle team. Anyway, said my piece.

    • Don’t worry, the DLC will probably be on-disc anyway.

  6. does that mean Jaffe left because he didn’t want to do IPhone Games?

  7. David Jaffe has spoke out on Twitter

    Tough decision to lay people off, as a co-owner he’s not one of them but he is leaving because he finds it difficult to direct games from hundreds of miles away and he misses the direct interaction with a team on a day to day basis. So he is setting up his own studio in San Diego to develop games, which he visions includes consoles & browsers.
    He & ESP will support Twisted Metal post-release with tweaks & presumably DLC

    • Meant to add ‘next-gen’ before consoles, so:
      His vision includes next-gen consoles & browser games, but has zero plans for those games to be like Farmville or Angry Birds

      • Yes! Hes not selling out. Thanks for the update CC.

      • Thanks for the info, that’s good to know :)

    • Thanks for that CC! I Love Jaffe probably the most honest man in gaming.

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