Jaffe Invites Fans To Shoot At An Ice Cream Van

Here’s a rather surreal promotion for upcoming destruction derby/shooter hybrid, Twisted Metal. The game’s foul-mouthed director, David Jaffe, gives viewers an articulate, unbiased overview of the game before parking it in the middle of the desert and inviting everyone to come and take a shot at the iconic Sweet Tooth truck.

A selected number of entrants will be able to remotely pump hot led into the vehicle from the comfort of their desk. As Jaffe puts it, “all you have to is hit a f***ing button.”


Twisted Metal will still make its Feb 14th debut in the States, though the EU version was recently delayed to March 7th after it was decided that certain content needed to be modified.



  1. That’s… pretty awesome

  2. Very, very awesome :3

  3. That is pretty sweet.

  4. I hope it works better than the failed Killzone 3 “remote shooting” promo. That thing was a total mess.

  5. That’s one of the more…. unique… advertisements for a game I’ve seen…

  6. It’s an awesome ad, but am I the only one that feels sad for that sweet icecream van?

  7. I know he seems really up for this…. but when watching the video and seeing what hobo-like state he’s in….. it really does look like that Ice Cream truck is his home

  8. I’ve got a 99.. would you like a lick?

    • DON’T TRUST HIM! THAT’S NOT A 99! :-p

      • Find that out the hard way, did you?! :)

  9. Interesting. I can see it being popular. I wonder if the Daily Fail will have a heart attack when they find out about this?

  10. They’ll be plenty of people signing up for that I’m sure.

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