Skyrim PS3 Patch ‘Sometime Today’

Bethesda has announced that the Skyrim 1.4 patch is now live for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version will arrive ‘sometime today’.

The patch supposedly fixes a rather long list of bugs including backwards dragons, PS3 lag and being unable to equip a Wabbajack. I think I had some of those for my lunch, the Salt & Vinegar ones are very nice.  

Source: Twitter



  1. About damn time.

  2. Having only just started playing Skyrim I haven’t hit any of these issues yet but I welcome a patch that means I never will. Really enjoying it.

  3. I haven’t had much issues… oh wait..

  4. Way too late for me, though I’m keen to jump onboard again when they knock out some DLC.

    • Me too dude, got the plat, played the majority of the things to play so just waiting for DLC now :)

      • Any idea on when/if DLC will be? I can’t wait!!

      • No idea, though I did read somewhere that it’s quite a long way off.

  5. I’ve had to give up on this game after 120hrs of play due to the performance issues. I really hope the patch fixes it as is promised otherwise I’m gonna have to do something crazy like learn how to play games on a pc. Oh and buy a pc :p

    • I reached platinum on 132hrs and the lag was just horrendous. If I hadn’t been so close, I probably would’ve given up.

      Despite its problems, it is an amazing game and this continued support is great news for those who haven’t yet played it.

  6. This has taken far too long in my opinion. They were literally game breaking bugs and not just the odd rare one or two either. Before i stopped playing a couple of weeks ago i was suffering the invincible backwards dragon, massive slow down issues and frequent freezing. Hopefully these will be fully resolved as i do really love the game.

  7. Jeez finally after all this i dont think im going to give bathesda any more money

  8. woooo! this patch will help me get the plat cause my first profile is lagging like…. uhmmm, something laggy! :P

  9. As much as I want this, I’ll wait for the PS3 GOTY edition – besides I still have Oblivion on PC to do and the mods for that are endless.

  10. Cool I guess, though my 110 hour save is still going strong I’m hoping this will go some way to fixing the sometimes jerky framerate.

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