First UK PS Vita Game Appears That Requires The 3G Model

[videoyoutube]First up, Wario Ware-a-like Frobisher Says (which I’ve been playing for a while now and can happily recommend) is free. 

So, well, no recommendation needed.  Just get it, it’s really quite funny and introduces all the Vita’s features in one handy little minigame package.


So.  Good.

Secondly, though, the EU Blog has just announced [email protected], which is a GPS-powered tagging / social experiment that’ll appear in May of this year, a few months after the Vita launches. 

However, whilst it looks like it might be quite cool, it requires GPS, making this the first Western game (to my knowledge) that won’t work on a Wi-fi only Vita.

Not sure whether that’ll sway your buying options at all.  Remember that you can bag WipEout by handing over a fiver to Vodafone if that makes any difference.



  1. i already preordeed the 3G version, so it doesnt really affect me, but i thought the wifi version has gps too? at least in some form of assisted gps when connected to wifi?

    • It’ll rely on one or more of the Wi-Fi location databases, such as those maintained by Microsoft, Google or Skyhook, to determine your rough location based on the Wi-Fi hubs it can ‘see’.

  2. Nothing very good will be on the 3G model. It’s still best to stick to wifi only.

  3. Doesn’t regret my decision to get the WiFi only model as I’ll only be ever playing it indoors as Im not the type to stand in the middle of the street to play on video games

  4. I don’t expect there to be many 3G only titles. But I won’t be surprised if a few titles choose to include nonessential extras based on location, and those will probably be “better” on the 3G since the gps gives it a more accurate position.

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