French Magazine Teases New Game About White Streaky Lines

[drop2]The French arm of the Official PlayStation Magazine has taken it upon itself to tease an upcoming announcement.  The image, which consists of what looks like stock photography of lightning, is accompanied by the following:

“Lightning… of genius”


That bit’s in big bold betters.  And:

“What could this picture symbolize? Speed? Power? Or even both at once? Find out by reading the Official PlayStation Magazine #60.”

That bit’s in smaller letters.  You can see that because I’ve included the image.  It’s technically a scan, but we can’t imagine anyone being that mad – especially as it’s doing nothing but promoting the mag’s next issue.

Whatever it is (I’m banking on some kind of weatherman simulator) it’ll be unveiled on the 7th of March.  It’s probably God of Bloody War IV but it might be something to do with David Cage’s new thing.

Or Sonic.  He runs a lot, so he’s got speed and power, right?

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  1. Infamous maybe?

    • Infamous was the first thing that popped into my head.

      • Same here. Although I don’t see why would have used the speed thing with that…?

    • i wouldn’t say speed is one of the things that comes to mind when i think of Infamous though.
      Cole’s not exactly the nippiest guy around.

  2. It it’s any of the 3 games that’ve been mentioned so far I’m interested.

    Big fan of GoW,
    Loved Heavy Rain,
    I’m partial to a bit of inFamous too.

  3. I was hoping for a game about cream filled choux pastry covered in choclate

    • Perhaps a game where you rub the aforementioned cream filled choux pastry covered in chocolate and a magical being appears and grants three wishes…

    • yeah but without some sort of taste feedback device, what’s the point of a game about cakes?

      my interest in cakes extends to eating them.

  4. MGR. Raiden, I think is Japanese for lightning. Kojima is considered a genius by many people. So, I think Kojima is having some sort of heavy input in MGR.

  5. Michael Fish: Weatherman

  6. Frankenstein: The Game

  7. Usain Bolt DLC for inFamous.

    • Hahahahahah, that would be awesome!

  8. Im pretty sure it will be a new InFamous considering Sucker Punch was bought by Sony not too long ago and would have to have started working on something new, plus the lighting could resemble the last scene in InFamous 2.

    But because its french and involves weather, i cant help but think it will be that new Quantic Dream game.
    or maybe the game is actually Adrift.

  9. Infamous Vita?

  10. Yes! Sonic Generations 2….

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