Rumour: Apple TV Incorporates Siri and Gesture Control

Canadian newspaper The Globe & Mail has reported that Rogers Communications Inc. have been approached as a launch partner for what they call the ‘iTV’.

The company is reported to have an iTV in their labs for testing and it ‘integrates Siri, Apple’s voice-recognition’ and has an onscreen keyboard for surfing the web and accessing social media apps.


They also report the iTV can be controlled ‘by voice or hand gestures, all from the comfort of a couch,’ whilst an analysis of Apple’s patents suggest ‘its iTV product will likely be interoperable with mobile devices, while also functioning as a gaming platform. ‘

Meanwhile over in Blighty, ITV have warned Apple not to use the name iTV if they do launch a TV set.

Source: The Globe & Mail



  1. interesting info, I wonder if it will be any good though? Will it still have Babestation on it more importantly.

  2. That’s great and all but button pressing is simply less effort than speaking and swiping.

    Are TSA moving into general gadget coverage?

    • “while also functioning as a gaming platform”

  3. Interesting, I wonder what it’s competition will be when it is eventually released.

    • Probably something along the lines of “win an iTV!”. :D

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