Here’s Hoping The EU Vita Store Isn’t Far Off Now

Quick blip: the Italian PlayStation Vita Store is currently ‘under maintenance’ for the first time since the Vita launched, changing from ‘unavailable in your region’.

So, whilst the UK one resolutely stands firm, we’re hoping that the European Store might slowly be kicking into life.  We’ve heard that the Store won’t open until the 22nd, but this brings fresh hope that it might be sooner.


The US version has been open a week and updated earlier with a full list of games.  We’re assuming if the EU one does open soon it’ll just be first party titles for a few days.

We’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks, @ManuelStanislao.



  1. I’m from Norway and yesterday evening I got the Maintenance message for a while before it went back to “Not available in your country”. Here’s hoping to.

  2. It won’t have the content on it; unless they somehow update it. I hope this happens though; as I need some Vita games D/L’d ready for when it arrives.

  3. I think the last 4 times we’ve had Maintenance people have said its for the Vita Store, and there’s still no sign of it yet! :P

    • We’re not talking about regular maintenance. This is a message that comes up when you try to access the Vita store from a Vita in Europe.

  4. I would have thought it would be better to open the store early and let folk download stuff to their PS3/PC so they can copy it to the Vita when they get it. This would help ease some of the traffic from the store which may get overloaded on 22nd.

    • Thats what I thought but obviously Sony know best…

    • Why is Sony Europe always last? We’re their best marketing, yet they don’t see to care.

      • Outside of Japan the UK is one of their top countries for sales (per head of population). Maybe they think they don’t need to advertise as much here.

  5. I just want to be able to download Motorstorm R/C to my PS3 so I can have something to stem the boredom until Wednesday :P

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