US 360, PC Owners Getting Bethesda Double Pack

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a big Game of the Year winner in 2006. Fallout 3 took many Game of the Year accolades in 2008. Now Bethesda is releasing both games in a special double pack at a significantly reduced rate – but not for the PlayStation 3.

The double pack will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC for $29.99 and $19.99 respectively but there’s no mention of a PS3 version in the blog post announcing the deal. The pack will be released on April the 3rd in the US, with no mention of an EU launch either.


So, is Bethesda saying that it’s not worth re-releasing these classics on the PS3, financially or is this an admission that the studio’s PS3 offerings have always been host to a few more problems than their Xbox 360 and PC releases? Perhaps they just don’t want to engage with PS3 owners who are still quite upset that Skyrim isn’t up to scratch on their console?

Source: Bethesda Blog



  1. this’d be worth it if it was the GOTY versions of each one…

  2. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to release a double pack that has fallout 3 in for the PS3 as that is said to be the worst version of the lot, but TES:O on PS3 seems to be very reliable and in fact, doesn’t seem to have many bugs.

    Surely, it would be better to release Fallout 3 and NV as a double pack as TES and Fallout are completly different franchises. Sure, the gameplay is simular but still, it seems a bit random.

    I wonder if it’s down to Sony not allowing them to release a double pack or Bethesade are ashamed of the PS3 version of Fallout 3?

    • I agree that a Fallout double pack would make a lot more sense. In fact, that’s what I thought it would be when I read the headline.

    • Well New Vegas is _only just_ getting an Ultimate Edition.

      • It’s just been released a few weeks ago. But a Fallout double pack with F3 GOTY edition and just the normal version of New Vegas would be ideal for those who are interested in getting them to see if they would like it or not.

      • …or not.

  3. To be fair, Bethesda didn’t port Oblivion which may explain its lack of bugs. As for them not releasing a PS3 double pack, are you surprised. I’m pretty sure they can do without the Bethesda forums being full of new FO3 owners posting how broken the PS3 version is.

  4. Im not to bothered about this, being a Bathesda fan and a sole-PS3 owner, I have already played both games to death and got most of the DLC free with my PSPlus subscription.

    • Bathesda? Who the F are Bathesda? Coffee. Now.

      • They make cleaner games. Or are potentially from the South West of Britain.

      • They are Bethesda’s English southwestern based cousin.

  5. Nice idea but I’ve played them to death already. Time to start work on Fallout 4, chaps.

    • Same feeling from me. Although I haven’t played Oblivion I wouldn’t have intentions to do so. Fallout 3 is great (so is New Vegas) but it’s time to get working on Fallout 4!

      On topic I don’t understand all this re-releasing business these days. We hear about the “complete edition” and every game seems to be GOTY. It’s just a ploy to make money and when half of the re-releases don’t come with all DLC it’s quite frankly a piss take. And any release in this day and age needs trophy patches – its essential now. Im not worried about the money ploy as it will go to funding new developments (Fallout 4 ;)) so it works well and you can see that Bethesda are always trying something new which is great to see. Still I’m not fond of the re-releasing tactic.

  6. If this was in the UK, I would consider getting the PC version, for the Creation kits. I already have Fallout 3 GOTY on Xbox, though.

  7. Its a shame because I love all the games they make. As a PS3 owner I can’t help but think a lot less of them for making what seem to be lazy decisions when it comes to the play station.

  8. I don’t get it, at least for the PC. You can pick up both titles for about that already on Steam, and they’re often included in 75% sales. Plus everyone who wanted to play them must surely already have at least one copy.

  9. I haven’t played either game yet so this double pack would be perfect for me. I heard alot about Bethesda and their track record with PS3-very disappointing,especially considering how many companies seem to have mastered programming for the system. Ah well, I got along just fine without playing those games so far………

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