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Meet the Reader: Ashw92

You said you’re looking forward to the Vita? Is it a day one purchase?

Its been on pre-order for a while now, so should be here on day one. Really excited about it.

What bundle and games are you getting alongside it?

I’ll be getting it with the 8GB card and Rayman Origins and I’ve also got Uncharted: Golden Abyss coming too. Looking forward to getting WipEout 2048 soon.

Sounds good! I’m really looking forward to getting my one too. Some great games in the line up. How did you first stumble upon TSA?

I think it was for the store updates, but don’t remember for certain. I then started reading more and more and have never left.

Literally never left? Everyone seems to come for the store updates initially, but now that you’ve stuck around for a while, do you have a favourite front page article series or features?

I love the podcast. Haven’t missed a single one and always end up laughing out loud because of it. I always try to play along with the quiz too but Peter is unbeatable.

I really like pretty much any opinion pieces, too. It’s refreshing to hear other peoples views and also makes for good discussion. The guest articles are great too, because you get another view from elsewhere. I’ve even submitted a couple of those myself.

Have you had any of your guest articles posted? I assume you like to get stuck in on the comments and forums too?

I’ve submitted two and had them both posted, so I’m happy about that! [They are here, and also here, if you were wondering]

I actually don’t get stuck in as much as I’d like. I almost always read through the comments and often browse the forums, but find myself not posting. Not sure why really, but I will try to get more involved in discussion.

Sometimes someone else has just said what you were thinking, anyway. Are there any particular TSA members you’d actually like to meet? People that you’ve nattered away with in meets and stuff?

Like I said, I haven’t really got involved as much as I would have liked, so haven’t really chatted that much with many people. I would really love to go to EGX very soon and just meet as many people as possible, because everyone just seems so great and such a laugh.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is just to go there without any plans, and simply walk up to people and ask them if they’re from TSA.

Just start interogating random gamers? I should just get a placard with TSA on it and stand near the door, like at airport arrivals.

A cunning plan! Taking a step away from gaming and TSA, do you have any other hobbies, interests and pastimes?

On top of all the joys of student life, when I’m not gaming I’m usually watching the girlfriend gaming, miffi-lou, as she’s known here.

I enjoy quite a lot of TV and film as well, but tend to find myself doing more analysing than watching, since I’m doing a joint degree with half of it being Media.

Is miffi better than you at games?

Sometimes. She’s unbeatable on LittleBigPlanet and is putting up a fight in some other games too, like Call of Duty. She doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to driving games though, as she lives by the motto “grass is good” which means that the barriers do most of the steering!

Ah, the good ol’ wall braking method. Was it you that introduced her to TSA?

Yeah I dragged her over here. She saw me on it all the time and it just gradually grew on her too. We both listen to the podcast together every week.

I fear I’m in trouble now for my comments on her driving…

Well she’s more than welcome to give you an earfull in the comments!

I suspect she will. She’s a bully!

Whipped. So, part of your uni course is media based, but what is it paired with in your studies?

My other subject is Marketing, which is a lot easier than Media, believe it or not. Media has so much content and so much theory that it gets very complex. It’s the subject I prefer by a mile, though.

I guess they do go hand in hand quite well, as subjects. What TV and film have you been enjoying recently?

Black Mirror was fairly recent, and that was brilliant in my opinion. I’m really into Hustle as well, and while this series was probably the weakest I loved the last ever episode, and think I will miss it quite a bit.

In films, I went to see Woman in Black recently, because I’d seen the play and it scared the crap out of me. The film was less scary but wasn’t a bad film overall, though Daniel Radcliffe still can’t do emotion. Should be going to see The Artist soon too, which I’m looking forward to. It did so well at the BAFTAs, and I’ve wanted to see it for a while now.

Favourite movie of all time?

It has to be Pulp Fiction, I think. Love that film.

Good choice! OK, it’s time for That question… I hope you’ve been dreading it, but maybe you’re well prepared?

Snog, Civil Partnership and Smother the three original podcast hosts Peter, Lewis and Kris? Oh, and until I’ve figured something out, you can do whatever you like with Kev too.

I think we need another negative one, How about Snog, Marry, Smother, Slap?

I’ve actually had a think about this and managed to come to a tough decision. I’d have to marry Peter to worm my way into the top ends of TSA, smother Lewis to steal his insane DVD collection, slap Kris to get him to spend less on comics and finally snog Kev because he is hilarious.

Shark attack. I think that’ll be the 4th option from next week. Although slap is decent too…

While I like that one more, I think Kris deserves more of a slap than a vicous mauling for spending too much on comics!

True, so maybe a slap is the way to go? I will deliberate further on this vital decision.

Hypothetical lives depend on it!

Is your lady around to weigh in with her opinion? Or will we have to wait for a prospective future Meet the Reader.

I’d say shes a prospective future one if I can persuade her too. She’s a little shy!

Very well. Sadly, we’ve run out of questions now, so all that’s left to do is thank you for doing this interview, and ask if you have any final words for those readers that made it this far?

Thanks very much, it’s been fun and worth waking up for! I just want to say to everyone thank you and carry on being awesome, TSA is such a great site and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Thanks again to Ash for volunteering for this interview. Next week, one of my many nemeses, or something.

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  1. Nice to meet you Ash, another one for some GT5 meets maybe?

    And a nemesis next week? Wait, I didn’t agree to doing this!

    • I think i will be putting my name down sorry. don’t worry about me shaking things up though, i can slot nicely into last :-)

  2. Nice to read about you, I really enjoyed reading your Guest Article on Death, one of the best submitted. Good luck with the rest of the course :)

    by the way I loved that Simpson’s episode which Tef was on about! :)

    • Thanks :-) I really enjoy doing them. I want to wrote more but i find coming up with a topic really hard.

      • Look forward to seeing more if you can. I enjoy guest articles a little too much, submitted too many :P

      • You are not the only one. I tend to choose a topic then write a few sentences before realising that i can’t do much with said topic. :-/ I think Kris nearly caused OK to go into hiding when he did too many articles. ;)

      • Nearly? i did go into hiding :P No more articles from me for a long while or never :P

  3. Tef, you didn’t to post a link to your TSA GT5 definitive guide in the GT5 forum….tips galore {:O :P
    Great purchase btw Ash, the DFGT is IMO the best wheel out there when considering price, effectiveness etc.

  4. Very nice to meet you Ash! As opposed to a placard at EGX could you make a standard bearer? Great rallying point ;D

  5. Nice to meet your Ash(Ketchup or whatever the hell that guy from pokemon, last name is). I’ve played Extreme Express and looking back, it was medicore game at best, imo. :)

    If i did play against Peter during the quiz on the TSAcast, i would skip ahead and then go back so that i can annoy him via twitter by saying that i’ve beaten him. :p

  6. Lovely read, fella. Hope you and miffi-lou are well. :-) Plenty more drunken (video game) racing soon I hope. Miffi sounds so talented with the whole magnetic walls thing. :P

    • Haha cheers. yeah we are both well thanks, yourself? To be fair she is improving slightly but not while tipsy lol

    • You bet there will be more! What’s more fun than crashing into walls and giggling like an idiot? lol

  7. nice read=) and hi to u ash *waves*
    maybe a go with the DIRT3 meets?

  8. Nice to meet you ash. And I never knew Miffi-lou was your girlfriend!

  9. Hello, nice to see someone else from N E Essex on here.

  10. I just realised that Ash’s hair is a very good colour match for TSA’s current background.

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