European PS Vita Store Open, Games Now Available

Quick note: the PS Vita European Store is now open for business, although it’s lacking content in the shape of actual PS Vita games.

At the time of writing, there’s not actually any Vita-specific games up there, but you can browse your downloaded list and redeem codes, we’ve just tried both. You can also search for PSP titles and download them, assuming they’re compatible.


In addition, the Store’s LiveArea section now has links to ‘top games’ and ‘latest releases’ alongside a few boxes for big games, like FIFA Football, along with their prices.

You can click through to the game’s page from the LiveArea, but there’s not yet any ‘buy’ buttons.

We’ll update once everything falls into place, we’re currently chasing a time for that now.

Hardware launches – fun eh?

Update: We’re hearing that – for some users at least – the Store is now up and running.



  1. Anyway, I just bought Super Stardust Complete, Motorstorm RC and the Uncharted DLC as a last gasp attempt to get the full game for a euro before Sony noticed (I didn’t make it in time. Can’t really complain though:P).
    I’m waiting on my voucher to come through before buying Escape Plan, and I’ve downloaded all the demos and apps I could (except Uncharted, which I’m picking up tomorrow).
    Still undecided whether to go for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom or Virtua Tennis though (Plus Rayman and Lumines in the post, and maybe FIFA tomorrow as well).

  2. Sweet, I got uncharted of 79p. More than makes up for when the refused to refund me £2 after they over charged me for splinter cell. Got a retail copy of uncharted arriving tomorrow in the post. Going to wait and see how sony respond before returning it. Might get rayman now

  3. DAMN IT!!! missed out on Uncharted :(

  4. Excuse the probably stupid question :)
    But if I buy the games tonight on my PS3,do I download and transfer them across or just buy to be downloaded on the vita at a later time?

    • download them on the PS3 then connect a usb to transfer them to Vita :)

  5. Cant wait for Vita…

  6. Little deviants demo has been removed? Is it the full game? I thought it was a bit weird for a demo being 1GB. I’ll wait and see tomorrow :) missed out on uncharted though :( lol

    • Just noticed this as I’d set it downloading round the kids house, went to continue when I got home and said content no longer available, gutted, the kids (and myself) wanted to give this a go.

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