GAME Closing

MCV have revealed that GAME is to close, who they acquired back in 2004. Those who use Gameplay are to be directed to Gamestation’s website as of March 1st.

The report also mentions that 35 GAME stores are to close, to bring the total number down to 550 outlets by Christmas 2013. The company hasn’t had the best month, not stocking certain titles, including the Ubisoft Vita launch line-up.

Source: MCV



  1. Just got an email from them saying my preorder will still be shipped and also got a £5 voucher at gamestation aswell!

  2. bad news, ordered Castlevania and Enslaved a while back from gameplay for a very good price indeed. As long as this all helps GAME survive its good in a way.

  3. I used to buy most of my gaming stuff at Gameplay until I discovered ShopTo.

  4. Obviously they neew to lower their prices as they still are the most expensive place to buy games. its a joke.

  5. Wow, that was weird. The Twitter feed on my phone said GAME closing.
    Was surprised by the speed of it but this isn’t as drastic.

  6. They closed the one part of the business that actually had decent pricing?

    • They used to be one of the cheapest but not so much over the last few years.

  7. Ah man, i use them a lot. boooo hissss

  8. Couldn’t they have just sold it off instead? Although they probably knew the new owners would trounce them in terms of pricing.

  9. GAME need to rehire new people with better business tactics. Their online prices are competitive though.

    You know what would also help, pretty girls as workers. We all know guys shop at GAME more and an attractive girl would surely bring in more customers. Lol.

    • Well, they’ve already had that idea at my local Gamestation. Flirt with them every time I’m in there :P
      Upside is they seem to like it and I bedded one of them since then at a party too.

    • Yeh one of the games in Glasgow has a hottie in it. Buchanan galleries. Was loving the flirting action going on. Debating the best ff in the series. Needless to say, my girlfriend was slightly miffed haha.

  10. Administration soon come.

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