Uncharted 3 Update 1.05 Tackles Matchmaking

Last night Naughty Dog launched patch 1.05 for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, its primary function catering for this week’s content drop, Flashback Map Pack #2.

The bundle contains four maps from Among Thieves including Train Wreck, Plaza, Village, and Temple, all of which have been given a new coat of polish and re-built lighting.


Players who have had a hard time getting into matches will be pleased to hear that Naughty Dog has also modified its matchmaking system, as described in the following notes:

  • Integrated bandwidth testing for hosts, so only hosts with optimum connections will be permitted to become game hosts (will help improve gameplay experience for everyone)
  • Fixed an issue in which, under some circumstances, some players of a party would be left in the lobby while others went into Matchmaking and played matches
  • Medal fixes for Fort – Adventure Mode specific medals; all medal icons now show up appropriately and medals can be obtained in-game.

Let us know if the changes have work, or more importantly, if they haven’t. Hopefully we’ll be bringing you our verdict on the Flashback Map Pack #2 later on in the week.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. After updating with this patch last night co op went to poo… Had some crazy glitch happen when i went to grab an enemy from behind i got launched across the map and ended up stuck in a tree. couldnt get out. must admit though it raised a few laughs.

  2. Jim, I’ve just put my ‘grammar police’ hat on: “will be pleased to here”.

  3. I don’t even know why I got my hopes up for this fix to actually work. I really don’t want to moan about Naughty Dog because the games are good but when it comes to multiplayer the game itself is briliant (uncharted 2 multiplayer was easily better IMO). UC3 was released and when I first fired up the multiplayer it was as if they had gone back to all the old mistakes, all the glitches that were there at the beginning of UC2 MP were back and now they release patches to fix them but like every matchmaking patch we were promised would fix the matchmaking issues in UC2 it wasn’t until the last few patches that the improvement was noticable.

    So I have about £9 on my PSN or err SEN account and I really want to by Motorstorm RC and with SSX on pre-order it also being six nations (so am on rugby world cup a lot) I won’t be playing much UC2 but even though after all is said and done I am still a slave to UC DLC and will have to again fight to resist overspending this month to buy that and Motorstorm RC. :(

    • I meant to say I won’t be playing much UC3 ooops

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