Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ottoman Edition Outed

According to reports, Ubisoft is to release the Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ottoman Edition on March 30th. The Ottoman Edition will include:

  • The Ancestor’s Character Pack,
  • The Mediterranean Traveller Map Pack
  • The Lost Archive DLC.

What’s strange is that The Lost Archive will release only a month before the Ottoman Edition. The package is also to be sold at a discounted price of between £30 and £40.


If you’re yet to pick up AC: Revelations I suggest you wait for the Ottoman Edition. In the mean time why not read Blair’s review of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, where he described it as “a brilliant entry into the series.”

Source: MCVUK



  1. One of the most milked series this generation. I was hoping they would give it a rest for a while after Revelations but AC3 was announced recently of course :(

    • They always had it planned as the story is set in 2012 and they always intended for the game to come out this year. They’ve been working on it for some time now and I think it will be a good game as for me, Revelations felt like it was dragging the Ezio trilogy out a bit too much

    • Oh and also, I don’t think the ‘most milked’ crown can be taken from CoD ;)

  2. As good as it was, it was the worst out of the trilogy and dragged on a bit for me. 7/10 from me I think.

    Anyway, seems a good bundle there and looking forward to ACIII

    • I’ve loved AC, but I couldn’t get into Revelations. I played about 2 and half hours and thats it so far. The story is usually thrilling, but I just kept wondering what my motivation was in Revelations.

      • Felt the same way. I managed to get to the end though. The overarching story is a good one, it’s just getting to the end point is so monotonous.

      • I tried starting again the other night, but being away from Skyrim for more than sixty minutes made my nose bleed.

  3. I love the AC series as a whole but Revelations was a huge let down. Without giving much away, it was good that they wrapped up Ezio’s story (finally!), but the story was weak and felt shoehorned in unfortunately. It’s a shame that you play as an assassin, but you never have any real end target in each sequence, unlike previous AC games.

  4. sweet! this is still on my “to do list” so will wait for this version

  5. Revelations was ‘meh’ and I hope that after ‘3’ they take a break for a while.

    • I’m thinking III will conclude the main storyline, but they’ll still bring out spin-offs without the whole animus thing.

      • If they can keep the story line and gameplay fresh I’m all up for yearly releases but revelations was too much of a drag for me haven’t played more than about 2 hours on it,

  6. an actual size ottoman would have been the better choice. lol

  7. Yet to get this, perfect excuse to buy it now! Or when it actually comes out of course.

  8. Sounds good, haven’t picked up Revelations yet, prefect time to do so. Lost Archive DLC sounds good too :)

  9. I still need to get brotherhood! Maybe I’ll buy this next year when it’s nice and cheap! Awesome that it has lots of content!

  10. No AC1 though?

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