GAME Will Stock Ubisoft’s Vita Titles

GAME has confirmed that it will be stocking Ubisoft’s PS Vita titles in from tomorrow, according to a representative who spoke to VG247.

“To confirm, the Vita Ubisoft titles will be available in all of GAME’s channels from tomorrow.”

Just the day before the PS Vita’s launch last week GAME had announced that they wouldn’t be stocking Ubisoft Vita titles. No solid reason was really given.


Ubisoft’s Vita line up includes Rayman Origins, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Asphalt Injection & Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

No updates, however, on The Last Story, which GAME announced it wouldn’t be stocking.

Source: VG247



  1. Too little, too late GAME! They missed the release day rush.
    I bet this is one of those “Oh Crap! Rayman is in the charts? Erm…Ubi…remember when we said we wouldnt stock your titles? Well, they look like they are shifting so, mind if we buy some?”

  2. A bit too late and they’ll be at least £5 more than other retailers.

  3. Was a bit confused to see Rayman Origins in GameStation the day I bought my Vita? :|

    • Perhaps just a handful of stock for release until they could finance a bigger shipment?

  4. Ah, they must have checked the couch for spare funding.

  5. Little too late GAME launch is done now

    got 3 Ubi games with my Vita so i didn’t miss out

  6. Hmm, i wonder if Ubi have given Game another chance but with strings attached?(For example, Game has to give ubi 10% of the profits made on their preowned copies of Ubi’s games). I hope Game won’t try to sell preowned copies of Ubi’s games for £40 as that is giving them the bird after Ubi have given them another chance.

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