Here’s Our Top Ten PS Vita Tips – Share Yours

People don’t read manuals – especially the lengthy tomes that accompany games consoles – so it’s generally left up to chance, luck and a little bit of imagination.  Or, more appropriately, Twitter, where PlayStation evangelist MusterBuster and some other users are collating some top tips.

Look, you might know some of these, but I didn’t know at least two of them until they were highlighted to me, and some of them are pretty groovy.

10: Slide and Hold. Want to scroll quickly on the Vita?  Just slide up or down and hold your finger there.  It works on LiveTweet, the browser, even the core UI, and it’s surprisingly effective.  Takes a tiny bit of practice but it’s a cool one.

9: Take a photo.  You’d be shocked at how many don’t know you can hold down the PS button and tap Start to take a screengrab of most games in action, the image automatically saving to the Photos application for you to copy over to a PC or even Tweet from LiveTweet.

[drop2]8: Sort out your profile. You can add a nice little background to your profile that  others can see on their Friend lists – just go to Settings, then PlayStation Network, then Account Settings, and it’s in there.  There’s loads of backgrounds to pick from.

7: Get some tunes. The Vita, unlike the PlayStation 3, supports custom soundtracks for every game by default – just hold down the PS button for a couple of seconds in any game to open up a menu where you can pick your tracks and even change the brightness – the darker the screen the better the battery life.

6: Change your lock screen. Easy peasy this one, but it’s a bit hidden away. Open up the Photo app, browse to the image you want and then in the bottom right corner there’s a settings icon – tap it and you’ll find the option there to add the image to your lock screen.

5: Delete your unwanted games. Hold any icon on the Vita’s main menu and you’ll find a little icon that’ll let you delete that app (and its save, so be careful) from the menu (assuming it’s not a default app or Welcome Park) as well as see information about the game or see past updates. You can also move your icons around when in this state, and change the background effects by tapping the ‘wave’ icon bottom right.

4: Keep your games updated. When you click on a game and it opens the LiveArea for it, if there’s an update there’ll be a little orange icon in the top row on the left. Tap it to download the patch, then tap it again to install it once it’s downloaded.

3: Quick mute. Hold the – and + volume buttons for a second and the Vita will mute. A rarely known tip and one that’s particularly useful – give it a try the next time you need to quickly dial down WipEout 2048.

2: Near and far. Near’s great, but the UI is a bit confusing and it goes deeper than it first appears.  For example, did you know that you can tap on a profile icon once you get to a Nearby Vita owner and see more information about them, like Play History?

1: Do it right. Get the most from your PSP games by using the Vita’s right analog stick, just hold a finger on the screen when playing a PSP game and a menu will pop-up in which you can select what you want the right stick to do.

Hopefully some of them are new to you – let us know if you have any more!



  1. does anyone know how to mute the buttons when typing a message, that is the annoying thing about the vita or there is no way, I dont want to mute the main menu music or whatever just when am typing a message, I hate that sound click click

    • also I have a question about number 6: Change your lock screen: the only option thats there is use as start up screen is that what you meant?

    • I actually love that ‘glassy clink’! :) However if enough people request it maybe they’ll add an option to turn it off in a later firmware update.

  2. Finally getting to grips with near, quite deep once you understand it.

    Slightly off topic.. has anyone tried PSP games on the vita? Tempted to get GTA liberty city stories and just wanted to know whats the graphics are like on the gorgeous OLED screen.

    • Yes mate been playing Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 on my Vita and I’m loving it. Couldnt quite get into it on my PSPGo but it looks a lot better on the Vita’s bigger screen.

    • I have Vice City Stories.
      It’s bright and colourful, but the graphics weren’t going to win any awards on PSP when it first came out.
      Just a word of advice- the camera can’t be mapped to the right stick in this one, as the right stick can only map the face buttons, d-pad or shoulder buttons.

      • Hopefully in an update we can map more buttons to the right stick ourselves rather than just selecting what they Sony have preset.

      • It’ll never happen in GTA- the camera is pretty much fixed as far as I remember. You have to press down on the d-pad to enter aiming mode.

        I’m tempted to download Star Wars Battlefront 2 though- from what I remember it has the camera mapped to the face buttons, so that would be twin stick portable Battlefront right there!

  3. Thanks for the tips. My Vita remains unopened. My tip: Dont get a Vita for your birthday 2 weeks in advance and have to look at it everyday until your bday and not be able to open it.

    • That must be heart breaking…. at least you’ll have these super handy tip’s once it’s open… ;)

    • contact the european court of human rights, that sounds like a form of torture. ^_^

      can’t you just pretend like you’re the queen and have two birthdays?
      one right now and then the official one.

    • I did that for the original PSP.
      Got it on launch day (Sept. 1st), birthday on the 13th.
      Consider my sympathies extended to you.

      • Torture indeed :( I can only get away with the one real birthday.

    • Just ninja it out of the box while nobody is looking and put it back just before your birthday. :D

      • That’s what I did when I got games for Christmas :)

    • I did that, but the Mrs took kindly on me, mostly because I wouldnt shut up about it, so she game in and gave it to me 3 weeks early. :-D

  4. Additionally wrt 5 you can also create new screens. So I have put all my game related icons on one screen, all the content (eg photos, music) on another and all the social (eg friends, near) on a third. As I get more games I will push the ones I don’t want to see to a lower screen rather than delete them (until I start running out of space on the memory card).

  5. 7: fantastic, shame they couldn’t manage that on ps3.
    hopefully this will be a standard feature for the ps4.

    9: that’s a feature i could see coming in handy, also another fature that would be nice for the home machine.

    as for 5: what kind of wally thought it was a good ideas that the saves should be deleted with the game.

    is this a way of forcing you to buy more memory cards?
    i mean if you have to keep them installed or lose the saves,

    seems bloody stupid to me.

    and 1: does that feature work for minis?
    because i could see Age of Zombies being great with the right stick mapped to the face buttons.

    of course i have to do number 11: first, and that’s get a vita. ^_^
    and i will, sooner or later.
    maybe it’ll be my christmas present to myself.

    • Do it you wont regret treating yourself to a lovely bit of kit!!!

    • Re: 5 … have you missed that you can move the whole thing off to your PS3 (or PC or Mac), including the save? It’s not a case of “keep it on the memory card or lose it”.

      • Good to know!

      • Forgot to ask: Does that mean that all Vita saves are not copy protected?

  6. Got my first Near stalker/friend request today.
    I think I’m slowly getting to grips with Near itself, now to figure out how the Black Market works…

    • If you find out, I’d love to know!

      • Theres info on PS3T on how! I’ll copy/Paste!

        1- Launch Black Market
        2- Select yes to launch Near to check (can only refresh Near once an hour)
        3- Hit OK
        4- Hit the Near refresh button to start the process.
        5- Location info shows, Hit OK
        6- Select “Continue Near”
        7- Wait for the Near refresh Icon to finish spinning.
        8- Go to Game Goods and download any new trades.
        9 – Press PS Button and continue Black Market on Uncharted GA Live Pane.
        10- You will see it import new trades.

        It’s dependant on people around you and your friends list, it searches them for ones they have that you don’t.

      • Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go later! :)

      • Thanks! That’s what I was already doing, but getting nothing from it – helps to know I’m doing the right thing at least :)

        I thought I saw some mention of getting a consolatory prize, if you didn’t get any real trades, but maybe I imagined it.

    • I got myself a rare tarot card from this the other day. It works!!!

  7. May well be in the manual somewhere, but if (When?) your vita freezes, press the power button for 15 seconds or so and you’ll get into the recovery menu. Mine seems partial to freezing when taking a photo for some reason.

    • Unit 13 has gave me a few freezing issues especially
      If left open.

  8. Cool…

  9. The best PS Vita Tip i can give you is – ‘BUY ONE NOW’! ! ! :P :D ;)

    • Tempted, but I’ll wait until June when I’m in the states, hoping I can find a great deal or at least a cool bundle.

  10. You can only Gameshare if you don’t intend on playing online or at the same time for that matter. So if you have 2 kids or happen to be 2 brothers who have built up quite a collection of psn/psp games. You need to buy them all again if you want them on both vita’s.

    That said, it’s still an awesome piece of kit and I’ve no regrets about my purchase.

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