Halo 4 Release Date Leaked? Update: Is Fake

A video, supposedly a Halo 4 cinematic effects reel, may have just leaked a release date of November 21st 2012 for the next installment of Master Chief’s tale.

The video (which you can view below) mainly just shows some special effects and, being a cinematic effects reel, these effects will probably be used in Halo 4’s cut scenes. The apparent release date appears near the end.

The video does have 343 Industries logo stamped throughout but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily legitimate. We’ll try and get some official answers regarding the video.


Update: Well that was quick. The video is fake. Microsoft has confirmed to GameInformer that is hasn’t “officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned.”

Keep calm and carry on then.



  1. They told Game Informer it’s a fake last night.


    • Also the 21st is a Wednesday, and as far as I know, no games really release on a Wednesday. It’s usually Tuesday in the U.S. and Friday over here.

      Having said that though, although this is fake, I can see November being the month it will release, Halo games usually release in either September or November.

      • In mainland Europe games release on Wednesdays ;)

  2. I predict September personally.

  3. Just a thought. 21st of November is 21/11/12 or 11/21/12 in America. Either way 2+2+1+1+1 is 7, and for those of you who don’t know your Halo lore the number 7 is frequently featured in the franchise.

    Of course it could be a fake date and that’s why they picked it.

    • Nice counting Sherlock. You missed a one.

      • I’ve just realised this thanks to teflon. Also piss off with the sarcy tone git ;)

      • It’s not my fault you can’t count, or read, or both :-p

      • Maybe the hoaxer miss a one as well.

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